Travel Inspired Gifts from Uncommon Goods

With Christmas on the horizon you might be one of those organised people who have bought, wrapped and are sat at home feeling smug. Or like me you could be scratching your head wondering what to buy friends and family. If you have anyone who is travel obsessed, I have picked out 6 travel inspired gifts from Uncommon Goods to help you this festive season.

Travel Gifts from Uncommon Goods


These cork globes are not only practical but stylish too. Perfect for tracking your adventures using the five pins included, though of course you can always buy more if you love holidays as much as we do. I love the idea and at just over £36 for the smaller globe, and £93 for the larger one, I think they are pretty good value.


I love keeping anything that is connected to our travels, especially when visiting Disneyworld. I came home with used Disney tickets, maps, even receipts of places we had dined at. And all those mementoes are now at the bottom of a drawer, so the travel stub diary is perfect. Priced at less than £10, it is the perfect stocking filler.


Similar to the cork globes, the scratch map is ideal for showing off your travels. Simply scratch off the country you have visited which reveals a pop of colour underneath. Just remember to keep a coin handy. Priced at just over £30 for a larger sized map.


I know that most people rely on their phones to wake them up now, but sometimes it’s nice to go back to more traditional methods. The around the world alarm clock features a full map of the world, complete with a little red plane. And the best bit is you can take it with you on your travels. Priced at just over £25.


A city map glass is the perfect reminder of your travels when you are back home curled up infront of the fire. Choose from a selection of USA cities to have etched on your glass.


We all turn to social media to share our holiday adventures and pictures, but how often do we actually write our memories down. The travel journal is split into sections where you can detail your plans, experiences, activities and reflections. This is a fantastic gift for adults and children and reduced in price to just over £11.00.

This post is written in collaboration with Uncommon Goods

10 thoughts on “Travel Inspired Gifts from Uncommon Goods”

  1. How cool is the cork globe?! What a fantastic idea! I love the ticket stub book aswell, I’m always holding onto things like that but never have them all in one place, they end up shoved in drawers and being used as bookmarks, would be lovely to have them all together, great ideas for a travel lover xx

    • Thanks Hayley, the cork globe is amazing isn’t it. And I know exactly what you mean having things tucked away at the bottom of drawers x


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