Airkix Indoor Sky Diving – Manchester

Last weekend we went to Airkix Indoor Sky Diving Centre which is in Manchester near to the Trafford Centre. I had cashed in some of my Tesco Clubcard vouchers, and bought an experience for my husband for Fathers Day. He always says he wants to do a proper sky dive one day, and I thought this would be the cheaper option. For my sons 12th birthday I also got him a voucher which I purchased from Amazon Local. This was £23 for the sky dive experience, plus a dvd and a photo. Great value for money.  It was easy to book their sessions online, and I arranged their time for 4pm last Sunday. You have to be there at least an hour before your jump time as you go through a talk with your instructor about safety.

Airkix Indoor Sky Diving in Manchester
Airkix Indoor Sky Diving in Manchester

We booked in at reception and we were told we would be called soon for the talk. We went upstairs to where a small café is and more importantly the wind tube. Am sure it has a more fancy name than ‘wind tube’ but hey ho ! From the minute we walked in we were all mesmerized seeing the people doing sky dives. There is plenty of seats around the wind tube and my daughter and I got a seat at the front so we could see the boys in action. The instructors do it in groups of around 15, and you get two goes in the tube. The first one is for two minutes and this is finding your feet in there, and basically about getting your balance. The instructor is with you all the time, holding on to your flying suit if needed. It looked really hard to just get your balance in the flying position, and I must admit both hubby and son did really well.

The second time they went in was a minute long. This is where you can, if you want to, be spinned around and took to the top of the tube with the instructor holding you all the time. This happens twice and is an extra £5.00. My hubby opted to do this and he said it was fantastic. My son suffers motion sickness sometimes, and he was scared he would be sick in the tube. Not a good look I am sure !!

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From being a spectator I thought Airkix was very well organised, and the instructors looked as if they loved their job. At the end of each group, two instructors go into the tube and put on a short show. WOW is all I can say. We could have watched them all day doing their tricks and turns in there. Amazing to watch. At the end of the session you are presented with a certificate and the dvd. The photo is downloaded from their website and you can then post to your social media to share.

The boys had a fantastic afternoon there, and it has certainly given the husband the buzz to do an actual sky dive one day. As for me, would I do it ? I am the wuss in our house, but to be honest whilst I was sat there I thought yeah why not have a go one day. So maybe if I got an experience as a present, I couldn’t exactly wuss out on that could I !!!! Thanks Airkix for a great experience for my boys.

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