The Sandcastle Waterpark and Tiki Cabana – Blackpool

The period between Christmas and New Year is always a funny one. Part of me just wants to hibernate on the sofa, watching films and eating chocolate. And the other part of me wants to be out having fun with the kids and husband. So last Tuesday we headed off up the M6 to Blackpool, to visit The Sandcastle Waterpark. The waterpark is conveniently located on the seafront in Blackpool, with plenty of parking right next to it (car parking charges apply).

What is included in the Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool

To make our day out extra special, we had decided to book the Tiki Cabana. The Tiki Cabana is located upstairs in the Sandcastle Blackpool, and is accessed by using the electronic wristband given. This meant that the kids could come and go as they pleased, whilst I sat and relaxed in the hot tub. This was a HUGE selling point when I was thinking of booking it. We also had a fridge stocked with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, a fruit bowl, television, safe, plenty of seating and a meal was included.

Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool

Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool

Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool - Hot tub

Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool - Drinks included

What slides can you find at the Sandcastle Blackpool

I was soon sat in the hot tub, and the kids and hubby were off whizzing down the slides. It had been 10 years since we had last been to The Sandcastle Blackpool, and I must admit I didn’t recognise the place. It’s the largest indoor waterpark in the UK, and has an impressive 18 slides and attractions. My 9 year old went on every slide, including the newest slides Aztec Falls and Montazooma. One involved going head first into a small dark tunnel, which the 9 year old thought was awesome.

You can also ride the Master Blaster, which is the longest indoor rollercoaster waterslide, and try out the Sidewinder. There are also many attractions for the younger kids, and children from aged 2 can go on the Thunder Falls Waterslides. I figured that if a 2 year old can go on them (with an adult and wearing armbands) a 41 year old can brave them. And yes I did shriek going down them much to the teens horror.

The Sea Breeze Spa in the Sandcastle

After my 30 minutes of sliding it was time for the husband and I to check out the Sea Breeze Spa. The tickets were included in the Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool, or you can add them from only £3.25. You access the Spa by using your electronic wristband, and can then use the sauna, steam rooms, ice feature, heated beds and foot spas. We spent about 30 minutes in the Spa, but you can spend as long as you want in there. It’s a great addition to the Waterpark, and as it is over 18s, a perfect place to chill out.

Eating in the Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool

The great thing about being in the Tiki Cabana was that we got our food delivered. We had chosen our meals when we arrived, and also the time we wanted to eat. Our table was all laid out for us and the meal arrived on time at 12.45pm. The kids and husband were starving by then, and quickly devoured the burgers and baked potatoes which were all really tasty.

Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool - dining area

After lunch we spent time relaxing in the hot tub, occasionally heading off for a dip in the wave pool. All to soon it was 4.30pm and time to leave our Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool. As we were literally the last to leave, I asked the life guards whether I could take some photos of the empty pool. I could have been issued with a wristband which would have allowed me to take photos, but I am so conscious of getting other children in the picture I decided not to.

The Sandcastle waterpark

Blackpool Sandcastle

Blackpool Sandcastle

We were all really impressed with our day at The Sandcastle. Here are the things we liked

There were plenty of lifeguards who were attentive and friendly.

The whole place including the changing rooms were very clean.

Free hairdryers. No scrabbling around for 20p.

The queues were very well managed.

There was plenty of toilets around the waterpark.

Even though we were in The Tiki Cabana, there was plenty of seating around The Waterpark.

photo 1 (125)

I can’t honestly think of anything that they could have done better. If I was being picky, maybe having your own family changing room near to The Cabana.

How much is it to hire the Tiki Cabana Sandcastle Blackpool

The price for The Tiki Cabana is £200 for the whole day (based on 4 people). This includes

General admission – worth £48.50

Hyperzone tickets (age, height and weight restrictions apply) – worth £25.00

Sea Breeze Spa (over 18s only) – worth £6.50, based on 2 adults

Meal deal served at a time to suit you – worth approximately £25.60

Fruit bowl – worth approximately £5.00

Complimentary mini bar with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks – worth approximately £30.00

Free parking space – worth approximately £10.00

Hot tub

Please check up to date prices on their website 

So when you add everything up you are getting (£150.60), I think the Tiki Cabana is great value for money considering you have it for the whole day, plus your very own hot tub. We will definitely be returning to The Sandcastle and the Tiki Cabana later on in the year. It’s a fantastic family day out which offers lots of fun, plus places to chill out and relax too. The perfect combination for us as a family.

If you are looking to stay over in Blackpool, you can read my review of the Big Blue Hotel which is opposite the Waterpark in Blackpool.

Thank you to The Sandcastle for supplying me with admission tickets, Hyperzone and Sea Breeze tickets. We paid £120 towards the hire of the Tiki Cabana and all comments and views are my own.

8 thoughts on “The Sandcastle Waterpark and Tiki Cabana – Blackpool”

    • I was pregnant with Katie the last time we went and I was so impressed with the place now. They have really transformed it, and there is so much to do for every age group xx

    • Oh you can definitely sit in the hot tub for hours. And obviously would be rude not to drink the complimentary wine too whilst the husband and kids are whizzing down slides xx

    • So glad we went Sarah and we will definitely return in the summer. The cabana was a great base, and you know my love of hot tubs. It was a perfect day out xx

  1. WOW £200 is a lot when you first say it, but actually, considering what was included I think you get a lot for your money. I was not aware you could do this but will certainly look into it next time we visit Blackpool x

    • My best friend hired it last year and since then it has been on the ‘the list of things to do’. They are looking at getting some more in the waterpark as they currently have just the one. We will definitely do it again when we visit, as it was such a relaxed day x


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