Little Loves – The Good Place, Alexa and a Festive break to Bath

I think I am slowly emerging from the Christmas bubble and getting back to normal life. I am one of those strange people who love January, as we celebrate not one but two birthdays this month. But before the birthday celebrations we need to take our decorations down this weekend. Christmas has been brilliant this year, and even though the kids are 15 and nearly 12, the magic and excitement is there but just in a different way.


It was my mission to read two books over the Christmas period and I failed miserably. However I am very nearly at the end of this book, and it has been a brilliant read. Not what I expected at all as one of the characters is living in some kind of after life.

Make a Christmas Wish

And staying with the after life, have you watched The Good Place on Netflix ? I saw it recommended on somebodies Little Loves a few weeks ago (sorry I can’t remember who it was), and what a great programme featuring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson. We finished watching season 1 last night, and then imagine our joy when we realised there was also season 2 on Netflix. Plenty of laughs along the way, especially as there is no swearing in The Good Place….. Forking shirt balls is my favourite !!!

The Good Place

‘Alexa what time is it’ … ‘Alexa play my Spotify list’. Yes we joined the 21st century as Morgan got an Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. and it’s safe to say he loves it. I am very tempted to get one for the living room now. Plus you can even ask ‘Alexa’ to burp and fart. Oh the fun we had with it on Christmas day.


We ‘made’ the trip down south to Bath for our festive break away. I loved going away just before Christmas as it was a chance to chill out before the big day. We visited Bath twice, ate in lovely restaurants, relaxed in our luxurious lodge, and visited Wells cathedral which is one of the most breathtaking buildings I have seen.

The Roman Baths

Bath Mill Lodge Retreat

Wells Cathedral


I mentioned my red sparkly top in my last Little Loves post and I have definitely got my monies worth out of it over the Christmas period. I am just wondered when it’s no longer acceptable to wear sparkles.

Red sparkly top from Dorothy Perkins

And lastly

I have been recapping all of our travel memories in a post I wrote a few days ago. Between us we took 14 trips, which funnily enough was the same total for 2016. From Bath to Greece, Iceland to Northumberland we have had a fantastic time making memories as a family, as a couple, and also when we go off on our own adventures. I can’t wait to see where 2018 will take us.

Sani Dunes


20 thoughts on “Little Loves – The Good Place, Alexa and a Festive break to Bath”

    • Thank you Angela and I won’t put my sparkly top away just yet. Bath was amazing though it seems like it was ages ago now x

  1. So jealous of all your travels this past year was the least travelled we have ever done and I miss it so much. With three kiddos on the horizon I fear that part might take a backseat much to my dismay. I will have to live through you. I have so many on my list that I want to visit someday. Hope you had a great christmas holiday. We got the similar jbl speakers with google assistance very much the same all we say is hey google and then questions and commands its like a new family member. Hahahahah Happy new Year. #littleloves

    • You have your amazing trip to Disneyworld to look forward to Jenny, and you have a pretty good excuse not to do as much travelling this year. Though I am sure tiny little newborns are fairly easy to travel with (I think as cannot remember that stage with my youngest being 12 next week lol). Really looking forward to seeing your Disney pictures and have an amazing time Jenny x

  2. Your travels from 2017 are making me wish I could jump on a plane right now. Having lived abroad for year the only holidays we’ve had is coming to England. Can’t wait to actually go away somewhere this year – well here’s hoping anyway! Bath is one place I’ve always wanted to visit too. Hope you have a fab week. Oh and keep wearing those sparkles! x

    • January definitely has us all wishing we could jump on a plane doesn’t it. I can highly recommend Bath as it’s a beautiful city with lots to do with the kids. Even the teen was impressed x

  3. Wow, you travelled a lot last year! Off to read your post now. Your last photo is making me more excited for our holiday in July – we’ve booked to go to Greece with friends. We visited Bath a couple of years ago briefly, I’d love to go back and explore properly. Enjoy your weekend xx

    • That last photo was taken in Greece too. Hope you have an amazing holiday and even better that you get to share it with friends. We have visited Bath twice this year as we fell in love with the city back in February x

    • We are usually quite late to new technology but I figured the 15 year old would love it, which he does. Though I find I am talking to it when I am alone in the house, pretty sure that’s a slippery slope lol x

  4. Your trip to Bath looked fab, our next door neighbour has just finished College in Bath, she’s now a Norland Nannie! Thanks for the tip on The Good Place, I’ll find it on Netflix & i’m sure my hub will love it, sounds just his thing.

    • I have no idea what a Norland Nannie is but it sounds interesting. You would love Bath Mill Lorraine as you could take Ralf along too. The Good Place is brilliant, really funny and has Ted Danson in who is fab x

  5. I think sparkles are perfectly acceptable until the end of January! Sadly I had to retire my Christmas-print dress just before new year. The Amazon Echo Dot does sound great. No doubt someone in our house will have one before long! I knew I wouldn’t read much over Christmas – I never manage it when the kids are around – so I read half a book. As soon as they went back to school I finished that book and then devoured another one, so I’m now on my third book of 2018!
    Happy new year! x

    • I didn’t think we would love the dot as much as we do, though technically it’s the teens. Wow that is good going being on your third book of the year. I started a new one about a week ago and not even a quarter of the way through x

    • Thanks Susan and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year too. 2017 was a brilliant year for us, and we have some lovely things planned for 2018 too. Probably not so much travel though as the teen has GCSEs in the summer x

  6. How could it ever be unacceptable to wear sparkles?
    I must admit to being an Alexa convert- she plays ‘which animal are you thinking of’ with my children all the time- it’s hysterical.
    Oh- and Bath- a favourite place and on my bucket list for this year (without children if at all possible!).

    • Ha I must try that game with Alexa, she can probably do so much that we haven’t discovered yet. Will have to sneak into the teen’s room when he is out and see what else she can do lol. Bath without kids sounds even better, I have my eye on doing that too as would love to go to the Thermae Spa in the city x

  7. Bath is such a beautiful city and it looks like you all had the best time there. I haven’t been there for years and must take the girls, they’d love the historical side of it all.
    The Good Place is like my favourite programme, ever! My husband and I love it. So pleased you’ve discovered it and that you love it too. So pleased that there are new episodes of it.
    Hope you have a great week and and thanks for joining in with LittleLoves! x

    • It’s such a brilliant show and thank you for mentioning it Morgana. We are about half way through the second series now. I love Bath and the Roman Baths are brilliant for kids, infact the whole city is great for families x


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