Is there such thing as a free lunch ?

So the question is….. Is there such thing as a free lunch ? Of course there is providing you go and gate crash your Mum’s Sunday lunches, turn up at your friend’s house demanding they cook you tea, or having a free toddler lunch at work (I work in a Nursery) ! But how about a free lunch in a fairly posh restaurant.

Well one day whilst I was on the Martin Lewis website, I came across the Club Individual Loyalty card. They were offering an incentive of £20.00 added to the card when you signed up. I quickly filled in the form, and waited a few weeks for my shiny card to arrive. It was attached to a letter confirming that my card had indeed been loaded with £20.00.  The card can be used in branches of Piccolino – The Restaurant Bar and Grill – Bank Restaurant – Zinc Bar and Grill. As there is a Piccolino about 10 minutes away from us, I duly booked in my Mum to baby sit and booked a table for 2 on the internet.

We arrived at 7.30pm and my first initial toughts were ‘this is posher than I am used to’ as they offered to take our coats from us. Well you don’t get that service in Pizza Hut do you ! We were shown to our lovely table in the corner, and were offered our ‘free’ bread and dips. Well it would have been rude to say no ! For my main course I had Lasagne and my hubby had a Margherita Pizza. As hubby was driving he had a Blackcurrant and Soda, and as I am a supportive wife (yeah right) I joined him.

We both thought the food was excellent. I just felt that may be my Lasagne could have been served with a small side salad but hey I am being picky. The service was excellent, and as we are in the Christmas party season the atmosphere was lively. So how much did our meal cost and did we indeed get a free meal ?

Starter – Bread and Dips – Complimentary

Main Course – Lasagne – £10.50

Main Course – Margherita Pizza – £7.50

2 Blackcurrant and Soda – £2.00

Total – £20.00 !!! So there we have it, yes there IS such a thing as a FREE meal, and a bloody good meal at that. And yes we will be back in the future as me and hubby had a great night. Hubby especially as the credit card stayed in his wallet the whole night. Thank you to the staff at Piccolino in Stockton Heath, and the Club Individual Loyalty Card.


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