With Christmas just around the corner, I suspect that some parents have been presented with a list that contains clothing of some sort. I am no exception, and even with just over a week to go, I am still being sent pictures of clothing from the kid’s favourite websites.

Whilst my daughter loves to shop on the high street still, I know teenage boys like to dress in designer clothes from time to time. And with Christmas on the horizon, it could be the perfect opportunity to treat them to some clothing from their favourite designer. OD’s Designer Clothing offers pieces from Hugo Boss, and I asked my 16 year old son to come up with a wish-list of clothes, that he might like to find under the tree on the 25th December.

A clothing wish-list for teenage boys

  1. Boys Hugo Boss t-shirt – £39.00
  2. Boys BOSS windbreaker – £116.00
  3. Boys BOSS long sleeve t-shirt – £44.00
  4. Boys BOSS baseball cap – £17.50
  5. Boys BOSS bag – £58.00

I was quite surprised that a Boys Hugo Boss coat had made the list, considering he is one of those teenagers that only ever wears a coat when the temperature drops below freezing.

Does your teenager wear designer clothing ?

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