Family life when your boiler breaks

We have now survived one week without our central heating, after our boiler decided enough was enough. We knew there would be a chance that it wouldn’t survive another winter, and in true ‘boiler fashion’ it packed in as soon as the weather turned colder.

Temperature device

We had been one step ahead though, and had already started the task of sourcing plumbers and obtaining quotes (all the cost of a decent holiday I might add). When your husband records and sends you a video of how to turn the heating on, you know it’s time to replace it.

With all the information we had read and watched over the past few days, we could have even thought about a change of career, and trained as a gas engineer. The Skills Training Group have gas engineer courses and apprenticeships, from beginner courses through to experienced. How good must it feel to be able to fix your own boiler, when something goes wrong.

Funnily enough, on the day we booked the plumber in, it gave up the ghost completely. And for the past week we have been living in Elsa’s frozen castle, though more of a 3 bed detached than an actual castle . Thank heavens we put in an electric fire when we decorated the living room last year.

Electric fire

Out came the electric heaters and sleeping bags from the loft. The microwave is now used to heat up various bears and owls that  keep us warm during the night. And if I start to mention how cold it is. my husband will promptly tell me how he grew up with no heating. Infact his parents STILL have no heating in their house.

Microwave owl and beddy bear

Plug in heaters

Apart from sleeping we have all spent the majority of our time in the living room. Even the teen has managed to emerge from his cold cave, and to be honest it has been nice. I even caught the kids snuggled up in the same bed on Sunday evening. And believe me that NEVER happens. So I am trying my best not to moan about the lack of heat and hot water, because let’s face it there are worse problems in the world to be faced with.

So tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to our frozen castle and will spend the evening hugging my radiators. And no doubt missing the kids as they retreat to their *warm* caves.

Radiator with cover





14 thoughts on “Family life when your boiler breaks”

  1. Oh wow a week! It’s particularly cold today, so you will appreciate the heating later when it’s fixed. Funnily enough we have the same microwave bear and a very similar owl.

    • It’s amazing how long they actually stay warm, far longer than a hot water bottle. I am so grateful that we have heating now as it’s been so frosty today x

    • It was quite hard at times being without it for a whole week, but we did it and survived. Hope everything goes smoothly with your new boiler x

  2. Oh no that is a nightmare, there is nothing worse than being cold. I am so glad it is sorted now. We have had to have a new boiler too this year and it cost a bloody fortune and we didn’t have to pay for fitting x

    • I nearly sobbed at the cost Sarah (a decent holiday lol), but I knew it was only a matter of time before it was going to pack in completely. Loving my heat so worth every penny, I suppose x

  3. I get what you mean about spending time together. When our electricity went off we all played games by candlelight, usually we’re lucky if the teen comes downstairs.
    Glad you’ve got the heating back on.

    • Games by candlelight sounds fab Lorraine. If we got rid of electricity and gas, just think how much time we would spend with our teens x

    • Yes life is hard with no heating, especially when it breaks down in November. Thankfully it was replaced fairly quickly and we now have a toasty house x


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