Little Loves – Trip to Birmingham, Festive Bingo and Posh Advent Calendars

I am pleased to report we finally have heat back in the Williams’ household. We survived just over a week with a broken boiler, and thankfully it was before we had the really cold spell. We now have a shiny new boiler, and ok it cost the same as a decent holiday, but everybody needs heat right. So what else have we been up to this past fortnight, apart from hugging warm radiators, and a little trip away with the husband.

AC Hotel Birmingham


I have been making the effort to go to bed before 11pm and getting stuck into my book, Summer at Shell Cottage. There is no better feeling than sinking into your bed, knowing you can escape with a few chapters.


I have a feeling that many people will be mentioning Gilmore Girls this week. Having never seen it, I am wondering whether it should be my new guilty pleasure. One thing we do watch every week is The Apprentice. It’s one of a few programmes that sees the teen emerge from his cave, and watch it with us. To be honest, I think he would do a damn sight better than the majority of the contestants this year.



Husband and I made our way to Birmingham last weekend for a night away. This was my 2nd visit to the city, after I visited back in September for a girlie break away. I absolutely love Birmingham, and the mixture of new and old buildings all around. We ate, drank, shopped and wandered around the Christmas markets. It was a perfect little break away for us, and thanks to my mum for holding the fort at home.

Birmingham Library

Drinks in Birmingham



One little duck….. number 2

Bingo tickets

Over the past fortnight I have heard lots of bingo numbers being called. On Wednesday it was our Scout groups festive bingo, where we raised nearly £800 during the night. And the other weekend I found myself at Gala playing ‘professional bingo’. Now that was an eye opener playing amongst the die hard bingo fans. So did I win big on my 2 evenings of Bingo…… Nope, didn’t win a single penny.


It was all about big coats with fluffy hoods at the weekend, when we visited the Birmingham Christmas markets. Oh and of course a mulled wine to warm you up from the inside.

Winter warm coats

And lastly

Huge shout out to my husband who got me THE best advent calendar ever. He surprised me with it about 6 weeks ago, and finally it was time to open it on the 1st. All of the Christmas joy

L'occitane advent calendar

Little Loves


10 thoughts on “Little Loves – Trip to Birmingham, Festive Bingo and Posh Advent Calendars”

  1. Oh wow, your hubby did good with that Advent Calendar! It wouldn’t even occur to mine to get me one let alone a lovely L’Occitane one.
    So pleased you enjoyed your break in Birmingham, love the photo of the wheel. The candidates on this years Apprentice seem particularly inept don’t they? I had to give up watching it as I couldn’t cope with how cringey it was! xx

    • This is the first time in years I have had an advent calendar to open, and he totally surprised me with it. Only trouble is I had to go and get him a Lego Star Wars one, which he has been wanting for years. This has to be the worst year for the contestants, and I honestly think my 14 year old would do a better job x

    • They really are rubbish this year Tas, I swear Morgan would do a better job than some of them. Birmingham was fantastic, and I know you are just as much a foodie as me x

  2. The advent calendar looks gorgeous. What a lovely husband! Glad you had a good time away in Birmingham. The Apprentice is essential family viewing in our house too, although I’m a Celebrity has taken priority over the past three weeks!

    • He did good didn’t he. I kept looking at it back in October and just couldn’t justify the price of it. Nice to see after 17 years he can still surprise me. Ah yes we have been watching the jungle too. Felt a little sad last night with nothing to watch. I had to endure some film the boys of the house were watching x

    • Birmingham is fast becoming my favourite city, and the bonus of only being over an hour away on the train. The boy did good with the advent calendar x

  3. Your husband bought you an advent calendar? Amazing! Sounds like a good place to go – Birmingham – I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never been. Would like to though. x x

    • Birmingham is a fantastic city Suzanne. I hadn’t been before September and I have squeezed in 2 trips since then. The husband did well with the advent calendar as it was a total surprise x


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