What I am focusing on this month – February goals

I really enjoyed writing down and being accountable for my goals last month, and even though I didn’t tick everything off the list, I was pleased with what I managed to do. February is usually a much quieter month than January, so I’m hoping I will really get stuck into my goals this month.

What I am focusing on this month - February Goals

Blogging goals

Buy my ticket for the Blog on conference in May

Pitch to 10 brands or PR companies

Say yes to more things and push myself out of my comfort zone

SEO and update 10 old blog posts

Update my blog where necessary

House goals

Make an appointment for our oven to be professionally cleaned

Contribute to the food bank (this has been re-added from January)

Deep clean the kitchen (another goal that has been re-added from January)

Paint part of the landing wall which needs touching up

Sort out the boxes in the dining room

Personal goals

No spend on candles and beauty products… I have ENOUGH

Start wearing my fitbit

Read at least 3 books

Learn to put my phone down more

Drink more water

You can find out how I did in my January goals here, and I will be popping back at the end of February to see how I did this month.


6 thoughts on “What I am focusing on this month – February goals”

    • I didn’t want to have big huge goals that I felt would be unattainable for me, and having small goals in different areas really works for me x

  1. Yay to blog on tickets ! it will be so nice to see you there this year. I’ve been thinking about an oven clean, I hate doing it and can never get it as clean as I would like. Best of luck with you Feb goals x

    • Thank you lovely and I am really looking forward to Blog on after not going for a few years. I am a little bit excited about the prospect of getting my oven cleaned lol x


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