January Goals

Inspired by my lovely friend Angela who blogs at Adventures in Websterland, I am going to start sharing the goals I want to achieve each month. I thrive on being organised, and I like to think I run a fairly tight ship when it comes to the home and family life. But there is always room for improvement, and I have started to realise that if my life is not quite as organised as it should be, then it can affect my stress levels.

January Goals

So this year I am going to focus on 3 areas of my life, and come up with monthly goals. I know we are nearly three quarters of the way through January already (how an earth did that happen), but here are my January goals.

Blogging Goals

SEO and update 20 old blog posts

Do a broken link checker on my blog

Meet up with a blogging friend

Make £300 pounds from blogging

Schedule more posts to Facebook

House Goals

Do all shopping from Aldi this month

Deep clean the kitchen

Buy new kitchen pans using my Nectar points

Contribute to the food bank at the end of the month

Declutter 5 items and put them on Ebay

Personal Goals

Swim at least twice a week

Organise 13th birthday for Katie

Read every evening before bed

Stop leaving half empty cups of coffee around the house

Join in with the gratitude list that Suzanne does on Instagram

So there are my goals for January, and I will be revisiting this post at the start of February to see how I got on. Have you set any goals for this month ? I would love to hear from you, no matter how small your goal is. And if you have set any goals for January, best of luck achieving them.