January goals – What I achieved this month

The end of January, and I must admit I am always sad saying goodbye to the first month of the year. January is one of my favourite months, and this year has been no exception. We have celebrated 2 birthdays, I have been on a lovely spa day with my husband, enjoyed meals out with friends and family, and had lots of fun this month.

January Goals - What I achieved this month

Though the downside is, I have not completed as many goals as I wanted to. I forgot how busy January is for us, though I am trying not to feel too disappointed, and instead focus on the goals I did manage to do.

So how did I get on with my January goals

Blogging Goals

SEO and update 20 old blog posts – I managed to update 12 posts. Whilst it’s not my favourite ‘Blog Admin’ job to do, I am seeing increased views from the posts I have updated.   

Do a broken link checker on my blog – YES, and a high five to me as I fixed 130 broken links yesterday evening.

Meet up with a blogging friend – I managed to meet up with 2 blogging friends this month. The lovely Angela from Adventures in Websterland and the equally lovely Lorraine from The Uncheshire Wife.

Make £300 pounds from blogging – I think I underestimated how quiet January can be for blogging work. I made £155 in January, which I am pleased about.

Schedule more posts to Facebook – Yes and I really need to continue to do this in February.

House Goals

Do all shopping from Aldi this month – We have done the main bulk of our shopping in Aldi, and used other shops occasionally. I have been using Sainsburys online for the past 4 years, and our monthly shop was around £360. This month we have spent £289 on food shopping, which is a fantastic saving. Plus I am a total Aldi convert now.

Deep clean the kitchen – Have cheated on this one and added it again for my February goals.

Buy new kitchen pans using my Nectar points – Sadly not yet, though we are in dire need of new pans.

Contribute to the food bank at the end of the month – I feel awful as I totally forgot about this goal. I am going to add it on again for February.

Declutter 5 items and put them on Ebay – Another fail.

Personal Goals

Swim at least twice a week – Totally failed with this.

Organise 13th birthday for Katie – Definitely a success.

Read every evening before bed – Yes.

Stop leaving half empty cups of coffee around the house – I think I am getting better at this, though husband would say it is still work in progress.

Join in with the gratitude list that Suzanne does on Instagram – Success as I have been joining in most nights.

It’s interesting to see that I achieved most of my personal goals, but mainly failed on the house goals. MUST TRY HARDER around the house next month. How did you get on with your January goals?