Goodbye Summer Holidays

I always feel a little bit sad at this time of year, saying goodbye to the summer holidays. It was my 10th summer holidays since the kids started school, and they are definitely getting easier. The 14 year old is pretty much self sufficient now.  Yes he has probably spent far too much time on his PlayStation, but at times he has left his cave to play football with his friends. Katie is happiest when she is outside playing, and at times I have felt a little bit redundant. Part of me feels sad that they don’t need me as much, but kids grow up and I know this is the next stage of parenting.

But we have also had lots of family time together. At the start of the summer I only had 1 night away planned. I must admit, at times I felt I winged it this summer, which is not like me as I am normally mega organised. But do you know what, I think I pulled it off and we have made some fantastic memories. Here are my top 10 memories of the summer.

Spending the night in the Big Blue Hotel in Blackpool with this view.

View from the Big Blue Hotel

Meeting up with friends to do pottery painting.

Pottery Painting

Painted Unicorn

My gorgeous son turning 14.

Happy birthday son

Having an amazing meal in Planet Hollywood.

Planet Hollywood table

Crispy chilli beef

Our overnight trip to London.

Tube sign

Spending the day in Southport.

Ferris Wheel

Getting muddy at Manley Mere.

Manley Mere

Having far too many meals out.

Toby Carvery Starter

Fish and Chips


Katie in a Mexican hat

The more chilled out days in the garden, around the outdoor pool at David Lloyd, and just watching the sun set at the end of the day.

Sun set

And spending the last weekend of the holidays in a hot tub in the middle of the forest.

Hot tub in the forest


Thank you Hywel, Morgan and Katie for the memories.

The Williams

As you can see we have travelled around the country mainly by car, but also by train when we went to London.  The teen travels easily. He just needs his headphones and his iPod, and you won’t hear a sound from him for the whole journey. Katie is different, and whilst she will listen to her music, she also needs activities to do.

So she was very pleased when she received this fantastic package from to keep her occupied during the summer. is a car hire insurance company who protects your excess when hiring a car. This means that your excess is paid for by them, should you have an accident whilst you are abroad. One less thing to worry about which is always a good thing when travelling with kids.

Travel activity suitcase





8 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer Holidays”

  1. I totally agree it is like they need you less every year isn’t it? I think the kids were busier than me, with me taxiing them about. Next year I will be ready we will be away ! We too have rated out way to much so today I have joined the gym x

    • I must admit I loved my swim on the first day they went back, though it was hard work. Eating out is always a sure fire way to get the teen out of his cave (god they need feeding all of the time lol). Who knows what next summer will bring, but I am sure there will be lots of free time for us both x

  2. Your summer looks so much like mine – wasn’t it the best?! I love that Blackpool skyline with the Big rollercoaster – we had an epic visit there when we went.

    We also went to Planet Hollywood, but I didn’t realise they did crispy shredded beef – how did I miss that!?? Oh well, will just have to go again.

    I’m feeling sad too now mine are back but I guess it’s just the way the world goes. Isn’t it lovely to be able to look forward to the school holidays rather than fearing them?

    • Aw I have just read your summer post and yes our summers were very similar. Planet Hollywood was amazing, and I can definitely recommend the shredded beef. Good excuse to go back. You are so right, in enjoying them and not fearing them. I used to fear them when they were little, wondering how I would cope with them for 6 whole weeks. It certainly gets easier x

  3. Looks like you had a great summer holiday, I love the David Lloyd outdoor pool it makes me feel like I’m on holiday. I think I need to take a look back over our summer break. Im getting depressed already!

    • Having 4 school runs under my belt, the summer holiday seem a distant memory now (sob). Oh well onwards and upwards to October half term x

  4. Looks like you did very well keeping the kids (and yourself!) entertained Tracey. I know what you mean about feeling a little sad when the holidays are over, I’m the same. I hate getting back into the routine of a new term with all the demands and busyness. Hope you’re settling in nicely by now. x

    • You definitely have to keep yourself entertained too don’t you. I think I would combust if I didn’t have coffee dates with friends to look forward to in the summer. Ah it really is a distant memory now, and less than 2 weeks and mine are off again for half term x


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