Little Loves – Tube maps, Horrible Histories and mud

We seem to have done so much over the last week. We have been on our first overnight trip to London, plus swimming and meals out with the kids. I met friends for a curry, and husband and I managed a night out on Saturday with our good friends. And yes far too many gins were consumed.


Lots of tube maps. Yes we are typical tourists that stand infront of maps deliberating which line to get on.

Tube Map


Horrible Histories at the Apollo Theatre in London. Watching a show in the West End has been on my ‘to do list’ for years, and I  finally ticked it off. Ok it may have been a kid’s show but I loved being in the West End. The show was fantastic and if you like the TV series you will love this.

Horrible Histories


Sorry but I am going to have to go with ‘memories’ again (I know I know, one day I might make a tasty looking meal, or be creative). We had such an amazing time in London which was our first overnight stay in the capital. We went to Ripleys, Planet Hollywood, a night time bus tour, shopping in Oxford Street and watching Horrible Histories. We are definitely going to plan another break next summer, and husband and I also fancy sneaking in a trip just the two of us.

London telephone box

London bus tour

Harrods at night


As I sat here typing this I can hear the Creamfields festival in the distant background. We only live about 3 miles away, and no doubt if I was younger I would attend. But being the *cough* wrong side of 40, I think my rave dancing days are over. At least I get to hear Calvin Harris in the background, which beats the XFactor which the 10 year old has been watching.


Mud, and LOTS of it. We spent the day at a local outdoor adventure park in Cheshire, and I think more mud equals more fun. Or it did with my 2 anyway. Afterwards we sat in the sun enjoying this gorgeous view.

Manley Mere Lake

Manley Mere

And Lastly

Is it just me that keeps thinking ‘less than 2 weeks to go’….. yes we are nearly on the home straight now. Whilst I love the summer holidays, son finished on the 15th July and goes back on the 7th September. When did the summer holidays stretch to nearly 2 months. Oh well nearly there, and no doubt gin will see me through. Have a great week x

6 thoughts on “Little Loves – Tube maps, Horrible Histories and mud”

  1. For a first trip you got lots in! I’ve not done a London night bus tour, it looks great I will put that on my list for while I’m waiting for Harry one night. We did the horrible histories a few years ago it was really funny.
    And I love the mud! looks like you’ve had a lovely school break. It is a shame they go back soon x

    • Can highly recommend the night time bus tour. It was lovely to see London at night, but wrap up warm as it got chilly on the upper deck. Ah yes we have had a brilliant summer holidays, and mine go back a week on Wednesday. Must admit a part of me is craving some routine now x

  2. It sounds like you had a tonne of fun in London. I remember standing in front of the London Underground map for the first time and it felt a bit mind blowing. I do love that city though

    • Tas we loved London so much and it is really accessible from where we live, 2 hours direct by train. I am already planning our next trip and you never know, one day we might be tube experts x

    • I had forgotten what an amazing city London is, and I can’t believe it was our very first night down there as a family. Can’t wait to go again. Ha the mud DID stress me out for the first 10 minutes but then I had no option but to go with it lol x


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