Little Loves – Baking, The Couple Next Door and a Singing Lesson

Apologies for the lateness of this post as I got struck down with a migraine on Friday. All my plans went out of the window, and I ended up sleeping for most of the morning. Anyway let’s focus on the positives, which is what Little Loves is all about.

Little Loves


It took me less than a fortnight to read The Couple Next Door (which is pretty good going for me), and what a gripping read. To be honest I didn’t have a clue what the book was about prior to starting it, and I would never have guessed the storyline. Definitely a good read, and I now have my next two books lined up. I picked up The Keeper of Lost Things for £1 in a charity shop, and everybody on instagram seems to be reading Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine. I had some Waterstones vouchers for my birthday, so I treated myself to it.

My reading pile


We finished watching Big Little Lies this week. Even though I read the book last year, I was still gripped from start to finish. Plus they are making a second series which is very exciting news.

Big Little Lies


Katie singing. She sings from the minute she gets in from school, until the goes to bed. So as part of her birthday present my mum got her a singing lesson. It was only half an hour but she got to practise scales, sing her favourite song ‘New Rules’, and then she got to sing a song that her and her friends wrote together. Of course she loved the experience.


I actually made something this week, and then totally FAILED as I didn’t even take a photograph of it. So you will just have to believe me when I say the banana and chocolate chip loaf that Katie and I made was delicious. Even the teen agreed that it was yummy.


I know at 44 I should have a tried and tested moisturiser. However the reality is I tend to pick up whatever looks nice, and which is fairly good value. When The Body Shop sent me a £5 voucher as a birthday treat, the Pomegranate firming night cream caught my eye. It was originally £21 and was down to £6 in the sale. I didn’t really need another night cream, but I am glad I did as it’s already made a difference to my dry skin. See, there is always room for more moisturiser in your life.

Body Shop Night Cream

And lastly

We are a child down this weekend as Katie is away in North Wales with Scouts. It always feels a little strange when one of us is missing, though it has given the husband and I some time together. As the kids are getting older it definitely gives you more time to spend with your other half. Good job we still like each other after 19 years together lol. Have a great week x

Little Loves

10 thoughts on “Little Loves – Baking, The Couple Next Door and a Singing Lesson”

  1. It’s great that Katie got to have a singing lesson, I bet she will be asking for more now. Big Little Lies was so good wasn’t it, I want to read the book next. I love trying different skin products, keep an eye out for the freebie samples. Have a lovely week ahead. xx

    • She had a brilliant time and is already talking about booking another lesson with her friends. Yes if you see the book grab it as it’s just as good as the TV show. Have a great week too x

    • Yes a few people have said about The Sinner, so I think we will start watching it this week. I am good at ignoring the kids lol x

  2. I hope Katie has a wonderful weekend, and I am the same with products I always try whatever looks pretty or has a great bundle offer on. I loved keeper of lost things I will have to try the couple next door, have a lovely week Tracey x

    • If only we lived closer and then we could do book swops lol. Katie came home full of it after Scout Camp, she loves going and even dived of a 10 metre diving board when they went swimming (thankfully she takes after her dad for doing crazy things lol). Have a great week too x

  3. I need to pick up Eleanor Oliphant – heard nothing but great things about it. Also, loved Big Little Lies – I’ve read and watched it – great on both counts. Enjoy your week xx

    • I am a few chapters in and it’s really interesting, everybody seems to be reading it at the moment don’t they. Have a great week too Stacie x

  4. Oh I’m so excited about the second Big Little Lies season, I hope we don’t have to wait too long for it.
    I’ve just finished Eleanor Oliphant and thoroughly enjoyed it. I hardly put it down!
    Hope Katie enjoyed her weekend away with the Scouts x

    • I am about halfway through now and it’s such an intriguing read isn’t it. I love that the majority of social media seems to be reading it at the moment. Katie had a fantastic time at scout camp thank you x


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