Little Loves – Blogging friends, Autumn Jumpers and GCSE Revision

How has it been 3 weeks since I did a Little Loves update. It always get a little crazy at this time of year, but I am determined to keep on top of things and remain cool, calm and collected ahead of the festive season (please remind me of this in a few weeks).

Little Loves

Last weekend I met the lovely Angela from Adventures in Websterland, and we had a delicious breakfast at Bistrot Pierre which thankfully included free refills of coffee. Blogging can sometimes be a little lonely, and it was nice to meet Angela and talk non stop about blogging.


I have finally picked up a new book and started this a few weeks ago. I have read a few books by Jenny Colgan and find them easy to read. By the time I get to bed it’s around 11.30pm, so my brain couldn’t cope with reading anything too heavy. It’s the perfect book for winding down before bed.

Little Beach Street Bakery


As per normal I am always late to the party when it comes to TV viewing. We have just finished watching the first series of Doctor Foster, and OMG we both loved it. We were gripped from start to finish and we really want to watch the second series now, but sadly it’s not on Netflix yet. The teen and husband have also been watching Stranger Things, and whilst it’s not my usual type of programme, I have been getting drawn into the show.


Our house is full of revision talk at the moment, as the teen starts his first GCSE mocks next week. It has been pretty much full on since he went back in September, with him attending school on a Saturday morning and also most evenings. He has devised his own revision timetable, and he has been getting a good balance between revision and his beloved PlayStation. His walls are slowly getting covered in revision notes, and I am proud of how he has taken to year 11. It’s a big year for him, and I am sure he will get through it in one piece.


I ‘made’ some flat lays after I treated myself to a Little Box of Flat Lay. I went for the Autumn box which was £15 delivered, and I am really pleased with the box. The picture below is the full contents of the Autumn box.

Autumn Flat Lay Box

Primark Throw


I don’t tend to wear jumpers as I always find I get really hot in them, but I couldn’t resist this bargain for only £4 in Asda. I try not to have the heating on when I am at home by myself, so it will be perfect for keeping snuggly and warm.

Asda Jumpers

And lastly

Look what I picked up in Paperchase at the weekend. Obviously I couldn’t just walk past it could I, a blogger journal for only £8. On the back it says ‘Let the bloggers journal help you get organised, plan out your blog posts, track your stats and reach your goals’. It’s ready and waiting for me to start using in 2018.

Blogger Journal from Paperchase

Little Loves A

26 thoughts on “Little Loves – Blogging friends, Autumn Jumpers and GCSE Revision”

  1. It was so lovely chatting away about blogging, thanks for showing me that shop full of wonderful things perfect for blogging props too ! Have a look on iPlayer for Doctor Foster season 2 I’m sure it’s on there. Have a wonderful weekend x

    • Ah we looked a few weeks ago and think season 2 has disappeared from the iPlayer. I am sure it will appear on Netflix one day. The shop is amazing isn’t it, and full of fab things at bargain prices x

    • Ah I didn’t realise they had them a few years ago. Wonder why they stopped doing them, but hurrah for them being back in store x

    • Aw thank you Debbie. The revision still seems to be going well, but I suppose the proof is in the pudding. The jumper is so comfy and warm, I think I have lived in it since I got it x

    • I am really pleased with the flat lay box, and it has made a difference to some of my pictures. I can’t wait to start using the journal in January x

  2. It sounds like a lovely week!
    I watched Stranger things in about 4 days. Season 1 & 2. lol My fella then watched it and now my teen is watching it. lol
    Good luck to your teen and his GCSE mocks. It sounds like he has been working hard.
    Your flat lays look fab! That site is new to me! I love it x

    • He has been working hard and I hope he gets the results after next week. He does get to do another set of mocks in February before the real deal in May. The flat lay box is amazing, I am really impressed with it x

    • It is SO cosy Lorraine but the kids keep stealing it from me. I can lend you the book after I have finished if you want. I think I have another one in the series to read too x

    • I am pretty rubbish at flatlays but I am loving the box I got. Slowly starting to improve a little bit. The blanket is so cosy except the kids keep stealing it off me x

  3. Ooh love that jumper! And that throw! Can I borrow your teen to show mine what revision should look like? She stays late every night after school but doing anything but sitting on her phone or laptop while at home just doesn’t happen. Her mocks don’t start until the 4th of December, so I’m hoping she’ll buck her ideas up once she realises she actually needs to get her head down and quick. I haven’t watched Doctor Foster or Stranger Things, both ones I mean to watch and never get around to! Have a great week x

    • It’s really tough isn’t it with revision. He has started to get his head down after he got quite a low mark in a recent maths test. I think he realised he needs to put the time and effort in to get the results he wants. And yes phones can be the bane of our lives when he should be revising. Hope your daughter does well in her mocks in December. I really enjoyed Doctor Foster but gutted I can’t find series 2 anywhere x

    • Aw thank you Kimberley, I am really pleased with the flat lay box and hopefully I can be a little more creative with my photos x

  4. Oh the journal looks so great Tracey I need to start looking for one, the flat lay kit looks great and I love the throw and sweater they are so lovely. PS I am not missing revision one little bit x

    • I love it Sarah and can’t wait to start using it in January. I bet you are not missing revision !!!! I have learnt not to nag him as he does do it in his own time. Boys eh x

  5. I want that Primark throw – the colour is just perfect! I also love meeting up with bloggers too – it’s really refreshing to solely talk about blogging and not worry about boring someone! Have a great week! #LittleLoves

    • Ah thanks Donna. Exactly as there is only so much blogging talk you can do with your husband before his eyes start to glaze over. The throw is so warm and cosy x

  6. It’s so lovely to meet up with blogging friends that just ‘get it’. Definitely helps you feel less isolated for sure.
    Loving the journal, I think I need a trip to Paperchase! xx

    • Blogging can be lonely can’t it, and I am definitely going to make more of an effort to meet up with people. It was so much fun and I think we could have chatted all day x


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