Little Loves – Christmas fun, selfie props and Gilmore Girls

I hope everybody had an enjoyable Christmas and has eaten and drank far too much, played countless board games and had lots of lazy days. Or has that just been us. Here is what we have been up to over the festive period.


Despite receiving 2 books for Christmas and promising myself early nights to read them, nope not even started them. I blame the ‘watched’ section for this.

Christmas books


GILMORE GIRLS. Yes after a month of hearing all about the show on Little Loves, we have started watching it from the very beginning. Yes I said WE, as my husband has been watching it with me. We are on episode 10 on the first series, so I have a feeling Gilmore Girls will be part of our lives for the next few months.

Gilrmore Girls

We have also been watching lots of Christmas films. Gone are the cute animated films, replaced with Back to the Future, Grease and Star Wars


Hopefully I helped Santa in making a fantastic Christmas for the kids. They got PlayStation games, Monster High Dolls, books and enough chocolate to last until Easter.


Christmas day


Lots of laughter over the Christmas period, especially when we went out with my parents and the inlaws for a meal. We had so much fun with these 99p props from Home Bargains.

Selfie props

Selfie props


Top of Katie’s Christmas list was a green bomber jacket. And of course you wear it over your new Troll pyjamas.

Primark bomber jacket

And lastly

I always feel a little sad when it comes to the end of another year. 2016 has been a good year for us. We have had plenty of travel adventures, and already have 4 trips booked for next year. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and see you in 2017 x

Ikos Olivia




22 thoughts on “Little Loves – Christmas fun, selfie props and Gilmore Girls”

  1. Tracey its been such a great year hasn’t it? I am so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas I am going to have to watch the Gilmore Girls I have never seen it. I am enjoying Harry Potter every night at the moment its my fave ever, but it is making me want to go back to Orlando. Happy new year my friend and I hope 2017 is great for you x

    • Aw thanks Sarah and I am pretty sure that 2017 will also be a great year for both of us when it comes to travel and adventure. Yes the kids maybe getting older, but different adventures await us now. Gilmore Girls is fab. We watch an episode a night when the kids have sloped off to bed. Nice easy viewing for the end of the day x

    • I have no idea why I didn’t catch it first time around, but love watching it every night. And the husband secretly enjoys it too. Christmas was lovely but looking forward to the routine of life starting tomorrow x

  2. I’m hoping we will get netflix this year and once I get my evenings back (6 month old baby) I want to watch Gilmore girls. I’m sure your kids had a lovely Christmas. We got lots of chocolate too!

    • Christmas was lovely thank you, but looking forward to work and school tomorrow (though I am pretty sure I won’t be saying that at 7am). We have had Netflix for about 4 years now and I think we would be lost without it. Definitely a good investment x

  3. I am still yet to see the Gilmour Girls, I hope to see it at some point but we generally watch series together and I am certain this one isn’t for Mr H! It sounds like we have had a similar Christmas which I feel has been so magical because of how calm it has been. I hope you all have a great start to the NY x

    • You might be surprised KA, my husband secretly enjoys it (but obviously that is a secret lol). Yes we certainly had a lovely chilled out Christmas which is what we all needed. I am looking forward to school and work tomorrow and the joy of a routine again (and getting dressed) x

  4. I’m another newbie to Gilmore Girls I’m halfway through season 2 and I love it. I’ve also caught my hubby watching it although he claims he doesn’t like it ! I hope you have a wonderful new year x

    • We are nearly at the end of season 1 and love watching it every night. Ha my husband is definitely a secret fan, and it’s nice to watch something together (he usually watches something I have zero interest in) x

  5. Happy new year to you! It sounds like you’ve had a lovely Christmas. I thought my kids had enough chocolate to last until Easter too, but somehow they seem to be getting through it rather quickly!
    Am jealous that you’ve got 4 trips booked for 2017 already. We need to get on and book something!

    • Aw thanks Sarah, Christmas has been lovely and really rather chilled out. Obviously with the kids being older you just get a different kind of magic. Sounds as if you have had a great time too, and here is to 2017 x

  6. Yaaayyyy for gilmore girls – I love it! Seen it all before but started a few weeks ago again. Im on series 3 and just find it so funny and chilled! Hope you had a great Christmas xx

    • You have serious Gilmore Girls dedication Mary to watch it all again. I totally agree about it being totally chilled out. Perfect programme to watch at the end of the day. Hope you had a lovely Christmas too x

  7. Happy New Year Tracey!
    What a wonderful Christmas you’ve had. I’m loving the bomber jacket and the Troll jamas.
    So pleased that you’re enjoying Gilmore Girls, it’s such a good series xx

    • Thank you for recommending it Morgana, and do you know what….. the husband seems to like it just as much as me. Katie was desperate for the bomber jacket from Father Christmas, and don’t think she has taken it off yet x

    • Thank you Kimberley. I was really late in watching Gilmore Girls (I think it originally aired in 2000), but loving it and even the husband watches it. Happy new year to you x


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