Little Loves – Festivals, New Decking and Golf Buggies

Here we are at the end of half term and what a fantastic week we have had. On Monday we went to Geronimo at Tatton Park, which was an amazing family friendly festival. On Wednesday we travelled up to Northumberland and stayed at Slaley Hall with Q Lodges. We returned back home yesterday, and I am still smiling about our wonderful trip.

Slaley Hall


I had every intention of finishing my book when we went to Slaley Hall, but late nights seemed to get in the way.  I did however read the guide to Northumberland which was in the lodge, if that counts. Did you know that Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England.

Guide to Northumberland


We sat in the sunshine at Geronimo and watched Dick n Dom. The majority of the acts that had been on stage were stars from Cbeebies, so when Katie found out they were on she was very excited. I must admit I found them hilarious, as did Katie. We possibly found them hilarious for different reasons, as the show appealed to both children and adults. It was a great end to our amazing day at Geronimo.

Dick n Dom


Over the past few days we have heard lots of laughter and chatter. We met a lovely family in Majorca last year, and Katie became really good friends with their daughter. We were all very excited that they came to Slaley Hall for 2 nights and stayed in the hotel. We literally did not stop talking from the minute they arrived until we said goodbye. We laughed, caught up on the past year and drank wine.


You know when you head to B&Q for decking paint, and you return with a new set of garden furniture…… yes that was us on Saturday. I like to plan and research so it was nice to do something spontaneous, so spontaneous that we didn’t even know whether it would fit in the car. All I can say is thank goodness we left the kids at home.

So the ‘Made’ section is courtesy of my husband. He worked hard all weekend staining the decking, and making the furniture. It has made such a difference to this section of the garden. I love that we can sit and chill out in comfort now.

Garden Furniture


Flowers in my hair at Geronimo. I love this picture of me and Katie.


Geronimo Festival

And lastly

I may take up golf after driving one of these for the past few days. Yes every lodge at Slaley Hall comes with a golf buggy. How awesome is that.

Q Lodges Golf Buggy

Little Loves

14 thoughts on “Little Loves – Festivals, New Decking and Golf Buggies”

    • It has been such an amazing week Sarah hasn’t it. I am a little sad about getting back to routine on Tuesday (inset day tomorrow), but who knows what adventures are around the next corner x

    • Thanks Rachel, though I take no credit as all down to the husbands hard work. I love sitting out in the early evenings watching the sun go down x

    • Our decking had never been stained Katy and it looked awful. The new furniture has made such a difference to the garden, and we are spending so much more time out there now x

  1. I’m sure my mum stayed at Slaley Hall a few months back and said it was amazing. I’d love to go! That’s so nice that you stayed in touch with a family you met on holiday. Love your floral headpieces 🙂 your daughter is very pretty! x

    • Aw thank you Steph for saying that about my daughter. At 10 she is growing up way too fast. It was so nice to see the family we met in Majorca as Katie has been desperate to see her friend for the past year. We had 2 days of chatting, eating and sipping wine. It was a perfect break away x

    • Rachel the decking and furniture has made such a difference to the garden. All credit to the husband who worked hard the other weekend. Aw I love the photo of Katie and me too. A Few more years and we can go to Creamfields together lol x

    • Aw thank you Stevie, I really must get the picture of me and Katie framed. I LOVE my decking, especially admiring it from the inside of the house as it has poured down for days now grrr x


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