Little Loves – Girl on the Train, Little Mix and Sunshine in Greece

Despite me saying that I was going to link up with Little Loves every Friday, I have totally failed for the past 6 weeks. I love reading the Little Loves posts, so I am going to try and join in again as much as I can.

Ikos Olivia Grounds

We returned from our amazing holiday on Monday, and thankfully the kids are still off until next week. We went to Ikos Olivia in Halkidiki in Greece, and over the next week I will be sharing our adventures from this truly amazing resort. Since coming back Katie has had an exciting week. She was very lucky to see 2 of her favourite bands at the Liverpool Echo Arena.


My husband surprised me with Girl on the Train at Manchester airport. I am about half way through, and whilst it is not my usual read, it really is a gripping book. I have absolutely no idea how it is all going to turn out, and thankfully there have been no spoilers on social media.  And what better place to read it than lying on a beach, with the sun beating down on you and the sound of the waves in the background.

Girl on the Train


The day after returning from our holiday, husband and daughter headed off into Liverpool to watch The Vamps. Katie and I watched them last year and they were brilliant. As I was taking Katie to see Little Mix on the Thursday, I delegated this concert out to the husband. They were snapped by the Liverpool Echo outside, and appeared on the website in The Vamps fan gallery. Look how excited my husband is lol.

The Vamps


Little Mix in concert. Oh my word they were fab, and those girls can certainly sing and dance. They put on an incredible show for nearly 2 hours at the Liverpool Echo arena last night. I took my daughter and her friend as Katie wanted to go to a concert rather than having a birthday party back in January. We headed into Liverpool early and had dinner at Las Iguanas. Then it was time to buy a programme and head into the arena. Katie declared our seats the best ever as we were in block 1.


Lots of incredible memories from Ikos Olivia. It is the second year on the run we have gone abroad over the Spring break, and the weather was glorious. I will have everlasting memories of the beautiful grounds, the amazing service we received and the family fun we all had together. And did I mention we had our own private pool.

Ikos Olivia Private pool


New holiday clothes. Is there a better feeling than the sun on your arms, being able to wear sleeveless dresses and putting on suntan lotion. Katie chose most of her holiday wardrobe herself, and she got some gorgeous clothes from George at Asda and Sainsburys. I love this striped blazer that she wore in the evenings, when it went a little cooler. I just wish they did it in my size.

Striped Jacket from Sainsburys

Katie 3

And lastly

We have nothing much planned for the next week, apart from back to the school run and clubs. The weather is so grey and miserable since we got back, so I will leave you with this picture and hopefully we will see the sun soon.

Sunshine Postcard



22 thoughts on “Little Loves – Girl on the Train, Little Mix and Sunshine in Greece”

    • Thank you Karen. The postcard was from Paperchase in Chester. Think it was about 80p. I am going to pop it in a frame for my picture shelf and dream of sunshine x

  1. Your girl has a brilliant and very stylish dress sense and the holiday looks so so good. I am definitely going to consider it for the future. The book is very good, keep going. I didn’t even guess the ending!

    • Aw thank you, she has just started to take an interest in fashion. Oh to be 10 again and have all the choice they seem to have now. It was an amazing holiday and I can highly recommend the hotel x

    • Aw Katie was so made up to have her photo taken outside the concert. She has certainly had a fantastic 2 weeks off school. Julia the hotel was just amazing, and it’s the perfect place to chill out and of course get some much needed sun x

  2. I was following your week away over on Twitter and I was so jealous, it looked so lovely. Hope you all had a lovely break. I cannot wait to see some proper blue skies and warm sunshine. I’d love to see Little Mix in concert, me and Olly love singing to them in the car on our way home. Have a lovely week #LittleLoves

    • Thank you Emma, it was certainly one of the best holidays we have had. A mixture of complete relaxation and doing some of the activities on the resort. You should go and see Little Mix when they next tour. They certainly put on an amazing show x

  3. Ooh what beautiful pictures of your holiday, they’ve made me even more excited for ours in a few weeks! Rather jealous of your trip to see Little Mix too, I’ve heard they’re fab! xx

    • The Little Mix girls certainly put on an amazing show, and they were on stage for nearly 2 hours which was good. Hope you have a wonderful holiday too in a few weeks x

  4. Ah Tracey I love, love, loved Ikos, we want to go back again it was incredible, such amazing service. The girl on the train is a fab book and the ending is great and go Katie I love that she has her own style and looks fab x

    • I knew you would love Ikos as soon as we arrived on the Monday. I have never experienced such fantastic service and the staff work so incredibly hard. I was so jealous of the striped blazer that Katie chose, she had lots of comments on holiday x

  5. Aww what a gorgeous round up lovely. Yay for the sunshine. Ooh a private pool. We have a little break booked in August and I am so excited to take Lil G on holiday to Spain for the first time EVER! You sound so happy and relaxed. The perfect end to your easter holidays. Hope the grey weather picks up, we’ve woken to blue skies here in Staffordshire #littleloves x

    • We used the private pool so much as well, I even managed to do some swimming in it. Bet you can’t wait for your break in August and to take Lil G to Spain, exciting times for you x

  6. Your pictures from your hols look gorgeous, and it is my dream to go somewhere with my own private pool. Such a luxury. I read The Girl On The Train last year and loved it, it’s a great book.
    Is it sad I’m a bit jealous you got to go and see Little Mix, I really want to go but can’t convince anyone to come with me. I think they would be great in concert. xx

    • They were fantastic in concert, those girls can sing and dance live. You can borrow my daughter if you ever need a Little Mix companion lol. The private pool was incredible and we used it every day. And on the plus side the water was nice and warm x

    • She totally has Mary, oh to be 10 again and go to 2 concerts in 3 days. It was just typical the way they fell, and I would have liked them to be more spread out but never mind. At least it was the holidays. It really has been a fantastic Spring break and I am sad its back to normal tomorrow x

  7. What an amazing week you’ve all had (with the possible exception of your husband at The Vamps concert!).
    Your holiday sounds amazing and I love Katie’s outfits.
    I’ve read Girl on the Train and loved it. I really didn’t see the end coming at all!

    • Ha don’t you worry about the husband Sarah, he loved it lol. Ah lots of people have said the same thing about the ending. I have absolutely no idea how it is all going to end x

  8. What a fabulous time you have been having!! I’d love to see Little Mix and can’t wait until my little miss is big enough to do concerts together (in the night garden live not included). Katie looks fab in her holiday wardrobe and I LOVE that stripes blazer.
    Greece looks LUSH – jealous much xXX

    • Her blazer looks fab on her and I only wish they did it in my size. It was only £13 from Sainsburys plus I got it when they had an extra 25% off so a bargain. It’s fab going to concerts now she is older. And yes Greece was VERY lush xx


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