Disney World and Florida memories

5 years ago on the 1st April 2011 we took our ‘once in a lifetime’ trip to Florida to visit Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. This trip seems to be at the forefront of my mind as I keep thinking ‘this time 5 years ago’ thanks to my timehop app. Plus I know 3 people who are currently in Florida at the moment.

I have talked here about our past trips, yes I did say TRIPS. After our ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday we went back the following year, and then again the year after.  Our first trip gave us so many amazing moments, and I wanted to share with you our Disney World and Florida memories.

This picture was taken at the end of a very long and tiring day travelling to Florida, though you would never know it by looking at the kids. It was taken in Applebees which is a typical American diner, and it was around 2am UK time.  You can see the excitement in the kids faces, full of wonder for the excitement and adventures of the next 14 days.


A huge part of any trip to the USA has to be the food.  We enjoyed these amazing desserts in the Magic Kingdom for the Wishes Dessert Party. Amazing puddings and a fantastic view of the fireworks.

Wish Dessert Party

As you can imagine, with 3 trips to Florida we have lots of pictures infront of the famous castle. However, this is one of my favourites, as it’s the very first picture of the 4 of us with the castle in the background.  It was taken around 6pm on our first full day in Florida, and one of the cast members offered to take it for us. My husband had it made into a canvas for my 10th wedding anniversary present.


Walt Disney World

The iconic Epcot ball is a breathtaking sight, and it stands in all its glory as you enter the park. I have no idea how they keep it so clean and shiny, it’s just Disney magic I think.

Visiting with a 5 year old Princess mad daughter, we had to dine with the Princesses whilst we were in Epcot. It was worth every penny and I love this photo.

Walt Disney World

What’s the best way to cool down in the scorching Florida heat? Stand under a pink car which is spraying water of course. Katie used to love doing this at Universal studies.

And more water fun back at the villa after a hard day of theme parks. I used to love sitting around the pool area, whilst the kids had a dip before bed and watching the sun go down.


The kids meeting Mickey Mouse for the very first time.

And I finish with a picture of this man who made it all happen. Walt Disney World is an incredible place. The concept and vision Walt had all those years ago, have made billions of children and adults dreams come true. Thank you Walt. I hope you have liked our Disney World and Florida memories.

Walt Disney World

8 thoughts on “Disney World and Florida memories”

    • It really is the most incredible place on earth. Our first visit was at the start of April, when it was hot but not the humidity you get in the summer months. Hope your dream is a reality one day hun x

  1. Ah Tracey the kids have really grown up haven’t they? I love this post, I think watching Karens adventures has made us decide we are definitely going back again next year and maybe spending a week in clearwater too, once you get that bug that is it x

    • Yes seeing Karen’s pictures on social media has definitely made me look back at our first trip, especially with it being exactly 5 years ago. Would love to return and do a week at the beach or maybe Beaches where you went as that looked amazing x

    • No me and Katie watched the boys on it (possibly Katie was too small to go on it) but they said it is a crazy water ride. Just what you need in Florida for cooling down x

  2. Great pictures, some great choices. I have so many to go through from our recent holiday and I may or may not have just priced up another holiday this morning.

    • Ha it’s the law Angela that you HAVE to price up another Florida holiday the minute you return. I bet you have had an amazing trip x


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