Little Loves – Illness, Work Experience and a Trampoline Party

I nearly wasn’t going to write this Little Loves post as I have been really poorly this week. But I suppose that’s what Little Loves is all about, remembering the little things that have happened in amongst the ordinary. The ordinary either being in bed or on the sofa. So here are some of the little things that have made me smile amongst the illness. I apologise now for the lack of photos.


One advantage of being poorly is that not only have I picked up a book, I managed to finish it too. I read Caroline Flack’s autobiography, which was the perfect book to read in between naps. I wouldn’t say I am a huge fan of hers, but I do like reading autobiographies. Probably something to do with my nosey nature.

Caroline Flack


I watched my 14 year old son get up on Monday and head for his work experience placement instead of school. WORK EXPERIENCE, how the hell did that come around. I absolutely loved my work experience in a local bank, which resulted in them offering me a job when I finished school. I really hoped Morgan would have the same experience (ok without the job offer, as I know only too well how much things have changed since I was 16), and do you know what, I think he did. I picked him up on Monday and he came out with a huge smile on his face. His placement was working in an I.T department of a local business, and I think it helped as the majority of the people were young guys. I think the past few days have reinforced his desire to work with computers when he leaves school.


Over to my husband who has kept the house ticking over this week. We carried on using our Hello Fresh box and he made creamy chicken with mash, and honey glazed pork. Both were delicious.

Hello Fresh Pork

Hello Fresh Chicken


Lots of chatter, giggling and shouting at Katie’s party which was held at a local trampoline centre. Thankfully it was before my illness really kicked in, so I survived…… JUST.

Velocity Widnes


Mainly jogging pants and a comfy bra, oh the glamour of being ill.

And lastly

How is it February already next week. I know January tends to drag for most people, but I absolutely love this month and will be sad to say goodbye to it. But hopefully next week I will be 100% healthy, and get back to work, and swimming at David Lloyd. Have a great week x


12 thoughts on “Little Loves – Illness, Work Experience and a Trampoline Party”

    • Getting there Sarah, it has certainly been a virus that liked to stick around. Hubby has done wonders in the kitchen the past few weeks. He loves cooking as says it relaxes him. Not going to argue with that one x

  1. Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: OH recipes look absolutely delicious hun. We got an invite to a JUMP party too. I have never been looking forward to it. I hope you feel better soon deary it really seems to be going around so not fair. Work experience man that seems way too young and yet it’s not! Hope you had a good weekend. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves

    • I was really impressed with the trampoline party, and my daughter and her friends had a brilliant time. Aw thank hun I am feeling so much better this week, and yes work experience…… scary but exciting at the same time for him x

    • Thanks hun, I am so much better this week thank goodness. I remember my work experience so fondly, and so glad my son had the same experience as he loved it. It must have been a shock going back to school this week after having such a good time in the world of work x


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