Where an earth did the last 3 weeks go. If I am honest I have been consumed with the emotion of Katie leaving primary school. In the past 3 weeks we have had the Year 6 trip to London, leavers assembly, leavers party, and then the final goodbye to primary school after 11 amazing years. It has certainly been an end of an era in the Williams’ house.

Tween style


Katie’s leaving book and shirt which had so many wonderful messages from friends and teachers.


It has to be the leavers assembly which was last Friday.  My tears were kept under wraps for all of 2 minutes, until Katie opened the assembly. And what an assembly it was. A true celebration of the past 7 years, with stories about the children’s funniest moments in school. Mixed in with videos of the children in class, on trips, and more recently their visit to London. You could see the pride in every single child’s face, and it was an amazing assembly. At the end they were presented with their leavers hoodies and a gift from the London trip (A Lion King mug as they had watched the show). What an afternoon it was.



Now I am not going to lie, I was a little disappointed when Katie said one of the leavers songs would be R Kelly. But after hearing her practise it for the past few weeks, and then seeing all the class belting it out at the end of the leavers assembly, well it’s my new favourite song. Trouble is I can’t listen to it without crying.


As a surprise for the school I made a hamper of treats. Cakes for the teachers (shop bought of course), cakes for Year 6, tissues to dry their eyes after the assembly and a special present for the head teacher.

Year 6 leavers presents

Year 6 leavers hamper


Over to Katie this week, as she looked absolutely gorgeous for her leavers party on Friday night. I had treated her to a beautiful black dress from Marks and Spencer, complete with rose gold shoes. My daughter’s best friend curled her hair, and of course no outfit would be complete without her cat ears.

Tween party style

And lastly

We are off to Edinburgh tomorrow, our first time in the city. We have lots planned and I am looking forward to a restful journey with Virgin trains. I got an absolute bargain a few weeks ago, £96 return for the 4 of us PLUS we are travelling back first class. I can’t wait to explore the city for the next 2 days.