My A to Z of things to achieve – Update

Back in January I wrote my A to Z of things to achieve in 2017. Seeing as though we are halfway through August, I thought it was time to update you on my progress.

Discover a new place to have afternoon tea – I am booked in for afternoon tea in September, so this will get ticked off next month.

Hire a beach hut – In June I got to spend the day in a beach hut in Lytham St Annes.

Beach hut at Lytham

Visit a new city – Bath was our ‘new city’ and what a wonderful 4 day break we had back in February.

Roman Baths - Bath

Go dancing

Go to Edinburgh – Another placed ticked off the ‘travel list’ as we headed to Edinburgh for the very first time at the start of the summer holidays.

Scottish Bag Piper

Meet up with blogging friends – I met up with some blogging friends at Blog On in Manchester back in May.

Be brave and go in the gym at David Lloyd

Be sat in a hot tub on Christmas Day or New Years Eve

Eat ice cream on the beach – Despite going to Greece twice this year, still no ice cream on the beach

Go to Jodrell Bank

Sort my kitchen cupboards out – STILL on the never ending list of house jobs.

See London at Christmas time

Buy a new mattress for Katie’s bed – Both Katie and Morgan got new mattresses for their beds a few months ago.

Go to Northumberland in the summer – We are heading to Slaley Hall in Northumberland at the end of the summer holidays, so another thing to tick off.

Carve a pumpkin in October

Paint my nails – Does it count if I paid somebody else to paint them ?

Visit the Queen

Go to Ribby Hall for a spa day

Buy a new sofa

Take the train to a new place – We took the train to Edinburgh which was a new place for us as a family. And travelling back First Class was fantastic.

Virgin First Class

Kiss under the stars

Venture outside with the kids more often – Hmmmm not sure if we have achieved this, but the kids are definitely going outside more with their friends.

Wear a pretty dress – Not sure if this counts as a pretty dress which I wore in Sani Dunes in Greece.

Sani Dunes Resort Halkidiki

Avoid watching the X factor

Find a yellow submarine – If there is one place where you are guaranteed to find a yellow submarine, it has to be Liverpool.

Yellow Submarine

Go to the Zoo – We have actually been to the zoo twice this year. Once to check out the animals, and again to review the new Madagascar play area at Chester Zoo.

Monkey at Chester Zoo

Dress up at Chester Zoo

So a fair few ticked off the list, but still lots to keep me busy for the rest of the year. I will of course update at the end of December to see whether I managed to achieve my A to Z list for 2017.

8 thoughts on “My A to Z of things to achieve – Update”

  1. Definitely does count as a pretty dress ! you look lovely in it. Great progress on your list, you have been to some lovely places this year. Good luck with completing the rest of your list x

    • Eek I still haven’t been brave to go in yet, but I know I will probably enjoy it when I do (or is that just wishful thinking lol). Great idea to do a monthly list x

  2. It looks like you’ve completed most of the big ones and I just know how much fun you will have had doing it! Edinburgh looked amazing, as did the beach hut. And that is most definitely a pretty dress! Love that you’ve decided not to watch X Factor this year! I find I half watch it as my daughter watches, so it’s hard to ignore it completely, but it definitely irritates me these days!

    • I have a feeling I might get roped into it. Daughter always watches it with Hywel (he loves it really lol), but I fear I might not escape it this year. And yes we have definitely had fun ticking off some of the things on the list. Edinburgh was amazing x

  3. You are getting through it Tracey, and I would say yes that is a pretty dress you look lovely in it, now for the kitchen cupboards I did mine last week, but if I am honest only because the house was going on the market and I had a film crew visiting my kitchen x

    • I need to invite a film crew round Sarah to make me do them lol. Can’t wait to see what your secret filming mission was all about, and keeping fingers crossed for a smooth house move x


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