With holidays never far from my mind, I can often be found dreaming of our next adventure. I have a huge travel list of all the places I want to experience with the kids, but I am also aware that the teen will be turning 16 next year. If only I could wave a magic wand and win the lottery, but in the meantime I can spend my days dreaming of my 10 top destinations to visit if I won big with Lottoland. Would your adventure be an African safari, or maybe sailing around the world ?

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Back in January I wrote my A to Z of things to achieve in 2017. Seeing as though we are halfway through August, I thought it was time to update you on my progress.

Discover a new place to have afternoon tea – I am booked in for afternoon tea in September, so this will get ticked off next month.

Hire a beach hut – In June I got to spend the day in a beach hut in Lytham St Annes.

Beach hut at Lytham

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Ah January, the month of avoiding the remains of the Christmas chocolate, drinking copious amounts of water instead of gin, and writing lists. And in true January style, I sat down the other evening and wrote my list of some of the things I want to achieve this year. Sorry about the ‘yellow submarine’ one, I really couldn’t think of anything else beginning with Y.

My A to Z of 2017

Discover a new place to have afternoon tea

Hire a beach hut

Visit a new city

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These pictures were taken as we were travelling home from the beautiful county of Northumberland today. You might think we stopped off at a local beauty spot. But no, we stopped off on the M6, and these pictures were taken at a service station. Yes a pretty dismal, run of the mill service station with an amazing view at the back. We certainly didn’t expect that.

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Bird in flight

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So after taking a break in June, I am looking back at what we did this month.  July saw us have a mini heatwave. However I am currently sat here debating whether to put the heating on, whilst its chucking it down outside. Ah the great British weather eh.

1) Hubby and I went to our first outdoor concert at our local forest. We were so lucky with the weather, and enjoyed watching Tom Odell whilst sipping wine on camping chairs. Perfect night out.


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Sunday photo

This is the first time I have linked up with onedad3girls for the Sunday Photo. My iPhone is filled with memories of last week when we were away. This particular photo is where we all spent a great deal of our time.

This is the place where we chatted away as a family

This is the place where we played charades with the kids late into the night

This is the place where I relaxed for an hour all by myself

This is the place where I drank coffee in the morning and wine in the evening

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In Corfu during the summer holidays last year

In Corfu during the summer holidays last year

The summer holidays are so close now we can almost touch them. Sports days have been ticked off, drama plays done and reports sent home. The kids shoes are just about hanging on in, and the tween is sporting a new cropped trouser look for school. The pristine white school shirts now resemble a dirty grey colour, with some added pen marks thrown in. I can’t wait to bin it all come Friday at 3.15pm.

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I have no idea whether I have made the right decision.

The decision for my children to attend their first funeral.

A few days after my nan died, people started asking whether I was going to take the children to her funeral.

And at that point I really did not know.

But then the children started talking to me about the funeral.

And as they are 9 and 12, I let them make their own decision.

And they both decided they wanted to be present, to say goodbye to ‘older nanny’

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At the start of the year I decided I would do a post which looked back at 10 awesome things we had done for that month. After losing my nan in June. it just feels wrong to write about the awesome things we have done this month. Don’t get me wrong we have had some lovely family time during June. I have enjoyed time with friends, and Katie has been away on cub camp. But June will be remembered as the month I lost my dear nan, so forgive me for not writing up my usual blog post.

photo 1 (56)

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photo 1 (56)

I have written this post in my head about 10 times, but when it comes to putting the words down it’s so much harder. My nan passed away in the early hours of Monday. She was the incredible age of 90, and in the past few years she had been diagnosed with cancer. Up until her late eighties she had never really suffered with ill health, and she put this down to teaching yoga. She taught yoga years before it became the trendy exercise for the yummy mummies to do. Infact the last time we took the kids to visit … Continue reading