The A to Z of me

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I have been tagged by the lovely Lyn who blogs at twoteenagerstwocats to write an A-Z post all about me. Be warned I am writing this after a few glasses of Prosecco, so the answers might be a little fuzzy !

A) I am an Administration Assistant in a children’s nursery and work 10 hours a week

B) I started blogging in September 2013 to write about our holidays and days out

C) I LOVE Centerparcs. I have been to Whinfell 12 times, and I was lucky to visit Woburn last May before it opened.

D) My favourite Disney park is The Magic Kingdom in Florida

E) Esher is my best friend and we have been friends for 33 years, since we were 8

F) Florida is one of our favourite holiday destinations. We visited in 2011, 2012 and 2013. We WILL return one day

G) I am lucky to have had some fantastic girlie weekends away, and look forward to September for our next one

H) I am married to Hywel and he has been my husband for 14 years

I) I am good at pretending to do the ironing, when instead I am having a sneaky nap

J) Jack Daniels and Coke is my favourite drink, closely followed by Gin and Prosecco

K) Katie is my gorgeous daughter who is 9 going on 19

L) I have a huge phobia of lightning, especially when it strikes in the middle of the night

M) Morgan is my handsome son who is very nearly a teenager. I have built a shed in the garden to live in during the teenage years !

N) Neatness, everything has to be neat and tidy otherwise I break into a cold sweat

O) I have a fascination with anything that has owls on it

P) I got on the property ladder at the age of 20, buying a new build one bedroom flat for £31,000

Q) Peace and Quiet, I love it but don’t get enough of it having 2 kids

R) I love Radley bags and have a large small collection

S) I was a stay at home mum for 7 years after having Katie. I loved every second of it

T) I love Twitter, its my favourite social media

U) I am usually on time, apart from when I am getting ready to go out with the hubby

V) The Vamps was the last concert I went to

W) I can’t whistle. No matter how hard I try I just can’t do it *stamps feet*

X) I hate the XFactor but Katie makes us watch it every year

Y) I am 41 years old

Z) zzzzzzzzz is my favourite time of the day

Would Lorraine who blogs at the uncheshirewife fancy a go ?

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