Little Loves – London Trip Planning, Rollercoasters and Shed of the Year

We were away last weekend and I didn’t get the chance to link up with Little Loves. So this is a look back at our past fortnight, which of course has been all about the summer holidays. We have enjoyed an evening in New Brighton, daughter has been to a sleepover and we had a mini break away in Blackpool. Check out the view from our hotel room.

Big Blue hotel view


Absolutely nothing. Totally failing at my aim to read 3 books during the summer holidays.


We don’t often watch television all together, mainly because the kids can never agree on a show or film. But last Sunday we all sat down and watched Shed of the Year hosted by George Clark. It got us talking about what we would put in our ideal shed. The teen would have a PlayStation shed, Katie would turn her shed into a clothes shop and café, the husband would have a shed pub, and I would have a cute Cath Kidston shed (no men or kids allowed). What would be in your ideal shed?


Rollercoasters whizzing past our hotel room when we stayed in the Big Blue Hotel in Blackpool. Our room with a view certainly kept us all mesmerised, and it was fun listening to all the shrieks and laughter.

Big Blue Hotel view


I have been busy making plans for our trip to London in a few weeks. I have booked tickets to see Horrible Histories at The Apollo, and I am very excited as it will be my very first show in the capital. We also have plans to do a night time bus tour of London, eat at Planet Hollywood and possibly a trip to Shrek’s Adventure.


I can no longer get away with choosing my daughter’s clothes now, and she loves to go shopping. Her style has changed in the past year and this is her latest outfit she picked out. The leggings are from Debenhams and were £7, and the vest top was £4 from Peacocks.

Daughters style

And lastly

We have no plans for this weekend, and I believe the sun could be making a welcome return. Have a great week x



12 thoughts on “Little Loves – London Trip Planning, Rollercoasters and Shed of the Year”

  1. A mini break in Blackpool sounds so good. We always rush there and back. And I love your daughters top. I may pop into Peacocks soon 🙂 hope you’re having a lovely summer!

    • We usually just visit Blackpool for the day too, but it was so nice to spend the night in the Big Blue Hotel. Hope you holidays are going good too Tas x

  2. How exciting planning the London trip. I love the shed ideas, we’re making changes in the garden and going for a big pergola along the back, although I think hub & the teen would prefer a ‘man shed’.

    • I think all men dream of a man shed don’t they lol, though I believe she sheds are becoming big business at the moment. Pergola sounds good and hope we get some more sunshine to enjoy it x

  3. Hiya.
    We took Bella to the HH show last year, it was a really entertaining and informative 2 man show that we all really enjoyed, just don’t expect any of the vast tv cast.

    Let us know when you’re down in London and your plans and we’ll try to meet up.

    • It’s my first show in London so I am really excited. One day I might progress to watching a more grown up show lol. Will certainly message you with our plans as would be fab to meet up x

  4. I hope you had a fab time at Blackpool, I love the Pleasure Beach now its so much better than it used to be isn’t it? Do you know we never all watch tv together anymore either! But I love shed of the year, I so want to do my own little shed just foe me x

    • Imagine our own sheds with no kids and no husbands allowed. You can let Toby in yours though as I am sure he is no trouble lol x

  5. My ideal shed would be a men and child free zone too! I would have a DAB radio, a comfy sofa and a masseuse in there. Haha!
    Hope you’ve had another great week x

    • Ha love the idea of a masseuse in the shed, perfect idea and yes it would definitely have to be men and child free x

  6. Loving the shed ideas. I know my husband would love a shed where he could retreat to when it all gets a bit much living in a house of girls!
    Your daughter has very similar taste in clothes to my eldest girl. I love her outfit choice xx

    • Aw thank you, I have definitely been relegated in buying clothes for her, though of course I am always needed for payment lol. Ah I remember the days when the outfits were all pink and sparkly x


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