Summer holiday fun at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Since February the 10 year old has been desperate to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach again, and the other weekend we planned our trip. Visiting on a Saturday during the summer holidays we knew it would be busy, and my theme park loving husband had the day planned out.

Big One in the summer

As we were staying in the Big Blue Hotel, we took advantage of the VIP entrance which opens at 10am, the same time as the theme park. This entrance is close to the Big One, and Katie’s main aim was to ride it for the very first time. When she visited in February the ride was closed due to high winds and she was distraught. Thankfully the sun was shining and the ride was open. We had enjoyed fantastic views of the Big One from our hotel window, and now my crazy fearless 10 year old was going on it.

The Big One

Ok she *might* have cried on that very first climb up to the top, but by the time she came off she was smiling (kind off). The kids and husband then took advantage of the fairly small queues, and went on various coasters and rides that spin you around. I am the official photographer and bag holder when it comes to theme parks, and that suits me perfectly.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

The park did start getting busy around lunchtime but it didn’t stop us from enjoying the atmosphere. However if you don’t want to stand in queues, the Pleasure Beach has recently introduced 3 different speedy passes. Prices start from £10 per person if booked online, and the speedy pass does the queuing for you.

There are plenty of places to eat throughout the park and the kids chose Burger King. We ate around 2pm and it was busy, but there are plenty of seats upstairs with views of the Big One.

Burger King

I love the nostalgia of the Pleasure Beach and remember visiting as a child. Can you believe the park celebrates its 120th anniversary this year.  But the park certainly does not stand still, and their newest ride takes you on a 360 degree tour of the skies with the Red Arrows Skyforce ride.

Red Arrows Skyforce Ride

Whilst there are plenty of thrills and spills for older kids, the Pleasure Beach caters just as well for younger kids. Nickelodeon Land is perfect for little ones, and even has a good selection of rides for the older kids too. Here you will find rides from your favourite Nickelodeon shows such as Dora’s World Taxi, and Bikini Bottom Bus Tour. The Wallace and Gromit Thrill-O-Matic ride in the main park takes you on a trip through adventures such as a Close Shave and the Wrong Trousers.

Nickelodeon Land

Wallace and Gromit Ride

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the perfect place to visit during the summer holidays for big kids, little kids and mums that just like to soak up the atmosphere. And on selected dates during August and September, you can take advantage of the park being open till 10pm and thrilling fireworks to end the day.


We received complimentary wristbands from Blackpool Pleasure Beach for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own. Thank you from The Williams family

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10 thoughts on “Summer holiday fun at Blackpool Pleasure Beach”

  1. I love Blackpool Pleasure beach and my fave ride is Wallace and Gromit ha ha. Well done Katie, Joe is not brave enough for the big one. Jack is fearless but Joe not so much, he went on the revolution last time bless him he was traumatised. He prefers the smaller rides. We had the speedy pass last time and it is worth every penny, we loved it x

    • I didn’t even know they did the speedy passes until we got there and thought it was a new thing they were doing this year. Well done Joe on going on the revolution, I have a feeling Katie will not brave the Big One again x

  2. I’ve never been but it’s definitely a place that would appeal to us. I might have to join you being the bag holder though. I’m not sure I could convince myself to go on the Big One.

    • I braved the Big One when I was 17 but at 42 there is no chance lol. I am more than happy to soak up the atmosphere and be the bag holder x

  3. I love love love Blackpool too. My dad used to drag us there every single year and then we became moody teens and didn’t want to go anymore. Ever since having my own I now love dragging them there 🙂

    • Aw I too also have fond memories of going to Blackpool. Every September we used to hire a van and head up for the lights, and of course the traditional fish and chips at the end. Love it x

  4. I have not visited Blackpool pleasure beach since I was a child. It looks like you had a great family day out. My teen keeps asking if we can visit, I was glad to see they do cater for little tots too. I am always the bag holder at theme parks too as I am not a fan of rides anymore xx

    • Whilst you would really notice the difference in the theme park, I think there are probably rides that you might recognise from your childhood. I love the nostalgia of the Pleasure Beach and I am sure you would have a fab time if you visited x

  5. I havent visited the Pleasure beach since I was a child. Both myself and OH used to go as children but even though we’ve visited Blackpool quite regularly in recent years we’ve not been again. Im a coat and bag holding kind if person when it comes to rides!

    It’s great to know that it’s still as good as ever, we may give the Hotel a whirl at least

    • The hotel is wonderful Elaine and they are just about to open their second hotel at the Pleasure Beach this summer. I am always the one holding the coats and bags too but I don’t mind it x


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