Little Loves – Turning 14, Pottery Painting and Rock Chick Fashion

Another fortnight has passed by since I joined in with the little loves linky, and I am now a mum of a 14 year old. I have successfully got though the first year of parenting a teen, relatively unscathed. Don’t get me wrong there have been times when I have been rocking in a corner nursing a large glass of gin, but hey that is just normal parenting.


Happy birthday son


Yay I have finally started my book, The Secrets of Happiness by Lucy Diamond. It has been nice to fall into bed at the end of the day and escape reality.

Lucy Diamond


We have not watched anything apart from the Olympics, and it makes me proud to be British seeing our amazing team doing so incredibly well. The kids were determined to stay up as late as possible to see the opening ceremony. They managed till 2am, but we won’t mention the fact that mummy sloped off to bed at 1am due to the copious amounts of gin I consumed (whoops).


Having a 10 year old who is always listening to Spotify, we are getting more and more influenced by her music. We have all been loving the new song by Shawn Mendes, Treat You Better.


Last week we met up with friends at a local garden centre so the kids could try out the pottery painting. Whilst the 10 year old didn’t technically ‘make’ the pottery, she certainly ‘made’ it look nice and colourful. We are of to collect it later as it has now been glazed, and it would be rude not to stop for lunch as they serve amazing toasties and scones.

Afternoon lunch

Pottery Painting

Painted Unicorn

And how beautiful is this bike that is in the grounds of the garden centre.

Bike with flowersWore

Passing this section over to my daughter again as she is far more stylish than me! For her brother’s birthday meal this is the outfit she put together. She has definitely got a rock chick look going on.

Daughters style


And lastly

I am so excited as we are off to London on Sunday for our first overnight visit with the kids. We have lots of exciting things planned, and I am sure I will be sharing our adventures over on twitter and instagram. Have a great week x

London Picture



22 thoughts on “Little Loves – Turning 14, Pottery Painting and Rock Chick Fashion”

  1. Congratulations on making it through the first year of teen parenting – it’s no mean feat! Sadly my son definitely got more challenging as he approached 15 🙁 Love your daughter’s pottery painting. Enjoy your weekend in London!

    • Teen parenting is definitely a learning curve, and we went through some challenging behaviour not long after he went to high school. Though I am only too aware that the challenging behaviour could return at anytime, you know just to keep me on my toes! Really looking forward to London x

  2. Such a lovely Little Loves. Ooh I’ve really enjoyed some of Lucy Diamond’s books before so I’ll have to check that one out – although I should probably make my way through the hundreds of books on my Kindle first! Your daughter has great style, and I love her Unicorn! xx

    • Thanks Louise, we picked up her pottery this afternoon and it looks even better now it has been glazed. I think the book is Lucy Diamond’s latest, which I was lucky to pick up in a charity shop for £1.99 x

  3. Sounds like you guys have had an exciting and busy few days! I love painting pottery just as much my kids do, so it’s great way to spend time together as a family. Thanks for the update!

    • I did try pottery painting a few years back but I am so not the creative type lol. Daughter is definitely better at it than me x

  4. Ohhh I just love London so much. I worked there for a good few years. Hope you have the best time. I love the Olympics right now too. Can uou believe the number of medals? The cycling ones had me all choked up because of Jason Kenny and Laura trott!

    • The cycling race the other night with Jason Kerry was so stressful. I have no idea how he must have felt. The whole team are doing so incredibly well and I am sure they will all come home to a hero’s welcome x

    • Oh the teen years are definitely a learning curve, but I can’t complain as we get more and more free time as the kids get older. We picked up the unicorn after it had been glazed yesterday and it looks fab x

    • Thank you Rachel, he had a fab birthday though how do I have a 14 year old (sob). London was amazing and you forget what a vibrant city it is. We last went over 2 years ago, so we were certainly due our trip x

    • I think once you get out of the habit it’s really hard to get back into it. I have been going up to bed about 30 minutes before my husband, so I can read a few chapters in peace x

    • I would love the bike in my back garden. When I have finished this book I am going to get a few more Lucy Diamond’s books x


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