Disney Parks around the world – which one would you visit ?

As we have visited Walt Disney World (WDW)  in Florida 3 times, I often get asked which Disney Park is our favourite. Florida has 4 resort parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, and each park offers different experiences. Here are our favourite parks.


Katie was 7 the last time we visited WDW, and it will come as no surprise that her favourite park is the Magic Kingdom. Where else can you go inside Cinderella’s Castle and be transformed into a princess before meeting Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty


Morgan takes after his dad with his love of films, so his number 1 park has to be Hollywood Studios. During our 3 visits to Florida he has battled a Darth Vader, seen the Indiana Jones stunt show, and learnt about the history of Disney and of course the great man himself.

Statue of Walt Disney


I was surprised when Hywel said Animal Kingdom was his favourite, as I thought he would choose Hollywood Studios too. He likes the laid back atmosphere that the park has, and the obvious connection to nature and wildlife.



Whilst I love the Magic Kingdom my favourite is Epcot, as for me it is the most chilled out park. I love wandering around the different countries in the World Showcase, enjoying a beer in Germany and a sparkling wine in France. All the time gazing at the huge golf ball as the kids call it.

Epcot Ball

Whilst we have been lucky to have visited WDW 3 times, there are a further 5 other Disney locations you can visit around the world. The clever people over at My Voucher Codes have put together this informative infographic below. Would you believe that WDW was only $3.50 admission when it opened.

Have you visited any of the Disney Parks ? Which one is your favourite ?

Disney NEW 1

This post has been written in conjunction with My Voucher Codes. All words and opinions are my own. 

16 thoughts on “Disney Parks around the world – which one would you visit ?”

  1. We visited Disneyland and California Adventures in LA last year and have been to Orlando parks but our eldest was still a baby. I loved Disneyland LA for its nostalgia as it was the original park but that all have their own magic! X

    • I would have loved to have experienced WDW as a teenager, and then experience it all again through the kids eyes and being a parent. I love the whole vibe of Epcot x

  2. Thanks for the comment on insta Tracy, I love your blog and love Disney! My favourite is Hollywood studios , but rope drop at animal kingdom is amazing ! And I cry every time I go to the magic kingdom!

    • Aw thank you for saying that Donna, and hurrah for a fellow Disney lover. You can’t not cry when you see the castle can you, and as for Wishes, well that leaves me a sobbing wreck x

  3. I had no idea there were all those Disney parks around the world! We’ve been to Disneyland Paris five times (!), although my daughter has only been twice, which shows how young the boys were at the time. I would love to go again! Disney World looks and sounds amazing (I thought so from Stressy Mummy’s post too), but I’m not brave enough for the long flight!

    • I must admit I didn’t realise there were parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai too, but I have heard of the other locations. Oh wow Paris 5 times. Part of me wishes we had tried Paris when the kids were younger, but I feel we have missed the boat with Paris now. I often wonder whether we will return back to Florida one day as it is an amazing place. And yes I was following Stressy Mummy’s time over in Florida x

  4. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve been thinking about it but I just have no clue where to start. I still don’t really but at least I can see prices now. I may come to pick your brains in great detail when the time comes 🙂

    • ooooo yes you can definitely pick my brains and also Sarah’s too as she is a Disney expert. Infact I think we need a coffee meet up when the kids get back into school x

  5. That is so interesting, I loved learning all about the history from some of the cast members when we were there. I think I am with you about Epcot, there was something really special about the park and I would love to go back. I think my kids would all choose Magic Kingdom and my husband would choose Animal Kingdom too, he loved it there.

    • I loved following your adventures during the summer Nikki, and yes there is so much history with each of the parks. I just love everything about Epcot x

    • I can’t believe it is now over 3 years since we last visited. I keep wondering when we will go back, as I bet there have been so many changes in 3 years such as Disney Springs x

    • Epcot has more of a laid back atmosphere and is definitely my favourite. Though of course all of the parks are amazing x


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