Little Loves – Monday night TV, Family Weddings and Harley Quinn

Organised as ever I find myself writing my Little Loves post at 11.40pm on a Thursday night. You would think I would be more prepared considering I only link up once a fortnight. The past 2 weeks have been busy but lots of fun. We took the long trip down to South Wales for a wedding, and the other evening husband and I had a night out to watch Girl on the Train. And I am so proud that the teen graded in karate to his brown/black belt. In just 6 short months he could become a black belt if he works really hard. So what else have we been up to.

Wedding flowers


Absolutely nothing apart from my usual blog reading. I have been reading Rainbeaubelle’s blog for around 2 years now, and I read Loss as time goes on with tears in my eyes. Julia writes in such a heartfelt way following the loss of her beloved husband. She is a brave and beautiful lady with 2 gorgeous children, who writes passionately and from the heart.


How good are Mondays with the return of Cold Feet, though I think next weeks is the final one. I used to love Cold Feet the first time, and yes I sobbed like a baby when Rachel died. I have even got the husband enjoying it so it must be good.

Cold feet cast 2016

And from Cold Feet I turn over to my guilty pleasure viewing of the Real Housewives of Cheshire. Well I am a part time housewife and I do live in Cheshire (though without the huge house, rich husband and a walk in wardrobe).

Real housewives of Cheshire


As you all know I am not creative in the slightest, but thankfully the 10 year old is. She designed her outfit for her Halloween Scout party all by herself, and went as Harley Quinn. I think the husband got a slight glimpse into the teenage years that will bestow us very soon.

Harley Quinn outfit


Ok I am really late to the party here, but I finally got to grips with Spotify. And yes I did have to have a lesson with the 10 year old who rolled her eyes at me. Oh god I am turning into my mum. And huge thanks to Morgana for mentioning it the other week, as I have been loving the Bad Moms soundtrack on there.


The other weekend we went to a family wedding in South Wales. I loved the dress which I got from Evans which was a bargain in the sale at £19, and teamed it with a jacket which was £36. And no I will never make it as a fashion blogger with that pose… lol.

Wedding outfit


And lastly

Tomorrow we are off to Scotland for the weekend, and it’s also the husband’s birthday on Saturday. Apart from that we have nothing else planned for half term. Have a great week x


12 thoughts on “Little Loves – Monday night TV, Family Weddings and Harley Quinn”

    • I think it’s the 4th series now Rachel, and to be honest it is getting repetitive now with grown women arguing each episode. I still make the husband watch it every week though. We have got back from Scotland today and had such a lovely relaxing time away x

  1. Happy birthday and happy weekend ahead. Good job on the costume and party to your daughter. Love a good wedding lovely captures of you both. I didn’t even know there was a show with Real housewives of Cheshire I must check it out. hahaha Thanks. #littleloves

    • Thank you Jenny, we just got back from a lovely relaxing weekend away in Scotland. Wish I had booked the whole week away now as the sun actually shone for most of the time we were there. Ha you really must watch Housewives of Cheshire, perfect viewing for a Monday night x

  2. Hi, I hope you are having a lovely weekend celebrating your Husband’s birthday. I love Scotland! I’m not really into Spotify either, so you’re not the only one! I tried it but it annoyed me popping up every time I went onto my laptop! I should listen to more music though as it really lifts me. You look lovely dressed for the wedding – it’s great to get dressed up now and again isn’t it? #LittleLoves

  3. We had a lovely time away thank you and we love Scotland too. Just wish I had booked for the whole week. Glad I am not the only one regarding Spotify, though I have been listening to it on my iPad, mainly when I have been getting ready in the mornings. Aw thank you, the wedding was lovely and it was nice to wear a dress for a change x

    • Scotland was lovely thanks Tas, and yes what a crazy husband to go in a huge ball filled with freezing cold water. Ah we watched Girl on the Train too but I have to say I was a little disappointed. Maybe because I had read the book x

  4. Yay! So pleased you’ve got Spotify, it’s it great?
    Watching Cold Feet is my reward for doing the ironing on a Monday night, haha, what an exciting life I lead! 😉
    Hope you had a lovely weekend away in Scotland. I love going up there this time of year, it’s just so beautiful.

    • Loving Spotify and I am wondering how I got through the summer without it. We had a wonderful time away in Scotland, and we even had lots of sunshine too. Just wish we had booked for the whole week rather than just 3 nights x

  5. Your dress and outfit look lovely – what a bargain! Your girl looks so cool as Harley Quinn. My girl sorts her own costumes out too – she’s got her evacuee outfit sorted out for school tomorrow!
    Well done to your boy on his success at karate! x

    • I love it when they just get on with it and sort everything out now. Independent girls I think, as my son would never think about putting a costume together and still rely on me. Aw thanks Sarah we are so proud of him and how far he has come with his karate x


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