Little Loves – New Bedroom, Easter Holidays and Gangsta Granny

The Easter holidays are coming to an end, and this year it has been slightly different for us. We usually spend a week in Greece at our favourite hotel, but this year we stayed at home due to the impending GCSEs. The teen has been in school nearly every day over the holidays, and thankfully he doesn’t seem to mind. He has been balancing revision with hanging out with his mates, and time on his beloved PlayStation. We did manage a trip to Shrewsbury over the Easter weekend, and it was lovely to get away for a few days.

Little Loves


After reading Lisa Jewell’s gripping book, I found You, I was ready for something a little more light hearted. I am about three quarters of the way through The Long Weekend, which is an easy read by Veronica Henry. Perfect for picking up whilst the kids have been busy over the holidays.

The Long Weekend Book


Katie and I went to watch Gangsta Granny on Wednesday evening at The Storyhouse in Chester. It was a brilliant show based on the novel by David Walliams, and gave us plenty of laughs. We made it into a girly evening, as we went for dinner before the show to an amazing Burrito restaurant. How grown up does my little lady look.

My tween daughter

Jack Burrito in Chester

We also enjoyed a family Sunday afternoon at the cinema and watched Love, Simon. A modern day love story which sees Simon, aged 17, fall in love with an anonymous classmate. We watch him struggle with telling his parents and classmates he is gay, and we find out whether Simon gets his happy ending. It was a really uplifting and inspiring film, and being parents we probably watched it from a different perspective. It is definitely aimed at teens (as we were the oldest in the cinema by a good 20 years lol), and we all loved watching it.


Peace and quiet when we stayed in a Premier Inn just outside Shrewsbury, as this was the view from the back of the hotel.

Premier Inn Shrewsbury


I ‘made’ my bedroom look pretty, or should I say ‘we’ did. The minute we returned from our break to Shrewsbury, it was full steam ahead for our bedroom. Hubby painted walls, we got new carpet put down, new blinds were fitted, and then I procrastinated about where to put things in our new bedroom. It was well overdue a refresh, and I am so pleased with the end result.

New bedroom

New bedroom


With the abysmal weather we have had over the Easter holidays, Katie has been living in her new Primark coat. She can now fit into Women’s sizes now (which is an absolute joy as we now have to spend hours in the women’s clothing section too), and she fell in love with this coat which was £20. I must admit it goes really well with her hair colouring.

Primark coat

Primark Coat

And lastly

I am back to work on Monday after having more than 2 weeks off with the kids, and back to the routine of school. And the realisation that it will be 4 weeks till the start of the GCSEs. But before routine, we are having a day in North Wales on Sunday. Hubby is doing his zip wire experience at Zip World, and even though it won’t be me flying down a piece of wire at a crazy speed, I can’t help feeling nervous. Who an earth got him this crazy experience anyway…. Of course it wasn’t me that got him a voucher for our 16th wedding anniversary last year !!!! Have a great week x

12 thoughts on “Little Loves – New Bedroom, Easter Holidays and Gangsta Granny”

  1. Aww Katie looks gorgeous and very grown up. Love your bedroom pics, that navy is really lovely. And what a fab view from your hotel room too! Your teen sounds like an angel when it comes to revision compared to mine. She has spent a few days at school but it’s mainly doing her art coursework so she’s barely done any revision and she does as little as possible at home. I’ll be so glad when these awful exams are over. I’m fed up of nagging her. Have a great weekend and good luck to the hubby on the zip wire! x

    • She seems to be growing up infront of our eyes at the moment, and no doubt she will turn into a grumpy teen very soon lol. Believe me we have had our moments when it comes to revision, but he seems to have knuckled down over the past few months. I have learnt not to nag, which believe me is VERY hard not to do. Roll on the end of June eh x

  2. Oh Katie is looking so grown up!!! WOW. Sounds like you had such a great time. Bedroom makeovers are so fun aren’t they? Look at the little lambs so cute. Have a wonderful weekend ahead hunny. #littleloves

    • I was so pleased with our new bedroom Jenny, and it was well overdue. Wish I could just stay in it all day now lol. Katie is definitely growing up infront of our eyes now, and turning into a lovely young lady x

  3. I’m just heading over to read your Gangsta Granny review now, the Storyhouse looks like a brilliant venue. I’m hoping to take Daisy to see something this year, we haven’t been to the theatre for years. Your bedroom is looking lovely Tracey. Have a great weekend in Wales xx

    • The Storyhouse is a lovely theatre, and they seemed to have lots of children’s shows on. I forgot how nice an evening at the theatre is, and even though we go and watch a few comedy shows a year, it was nice to go with Katie and watch something different x

  4. Ah bless Katie is so grown up, they are growing quick these kids aren’t they? Your break sounds fab and you bedroom looks so lovely. Thats what its like at the end of our garden and I just love this time of year with all the lambs. I ate at a burrito restaurant in Manchester last week and it was soooooo good. Hope the revision goes well, its an odd time isnt it, you will be glad when its all over x

    • They are really growing up infront of our eyes, and I am sure you feel that too. I am so pleased with the bedroom and we make a good team. Hywel does all the boring painting jobs, and then I get to faff around where to put the furniture, and buy pretty things for the bedroom. I am counting down the days till the middle of June when they are all over x

  5. Good luck with all the GCSE revision, I bet you can’t wait till they’re all done and dusted! I’ve seen Gangsta Granny is on Netflix so I think Zak and I might watch that and it might be time for the book too :)x

    • Yes, Katie mentioned it was also on Netflix. I think we are all counting down the days till the exams are over. Soon be the summer and he can spend it chilling out with his friends x

  6. Katie does look very grown up! My daughter is at that in between stage with clothes too where she can wear some tiny women’s sizes. I still prefer her to wear kids’ clothes as they are cheaper!
    It sounds like you’ve managed to enjoy the Easter holidays, even with the GCSEs hanging over you.
    Hope the zip wire experience goes well! That’s the sort of thing my daughter is always desperate to do.

    • She seems to be growing up and getting taller every day. I am going to be the smallest member of the family very soon, pfft how can kids be taller than their mum. Easter was surprisingly a really nice time, as I thought we would struggle with not going away, and Morgan being in school so much. The zip wire experience was amazing x


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