Bucket List Holidays for Kids

Children are only young once, and as parents who love to travel, we always wanted to give Morgan and Katie as many unique experiences of the world as possible. Taking children on lots of holidays and day trips is a great way to open their minds, and expand their knowledge of other places and cultures, giving them a real zest for life.

Of course in order for you all to get the most out of your holidays, you need to choose destinations and activities that you can all enjoy. With that in mind, here are some holiday ideas that kids, as well as adults will enjoy. Add them to your family travel bucket list.

A Family Ski Trip in the Alps

There are so many fantastic ski resorts just a stone’s throw away from us in the Alps, that it would be a real shame not to experience at least one family ski trip. Ski trips are ideal for the whole family, because they force you all to get outside, and be active together as a family. They also teach your kids a new skill, while ensuring that you all have fun. Then, when the kids have gone to bed, the adults can enjoy a hot sauna and a drink in front of a roaring fire. Perfect.

Send them to Space Camp

If your kids are old enough, sending them to Space Camp is a great way of teaching them more about the universe. They’ll have so much fun looking at the stars and getting involved in space-based crafts, that they won’t even know they’re learning. This is an ideal activity for younger kids.

Blow them away with a trip to Disney World

Every child deserves to have at least one magical holiday that they remember for the rest of their lives. Disneyworld had been on our bucket list for years, and back in 2011 we took our first visit to Florida, when our children were 5 and 8. Our ‘once in a lifetime’ trip was so amazing, we returned in 2012 AND 2013. We are now starting to make plans to return in 2021.

Walt Disney World

Road Trip Down Route 66

Although a visit to Disney World might not teach your kids much about our American cousins, a road trip down Route 66 undoubtedly will. This kind of trip is more likely to be seen as something that adults do, but actually, the kids will love seeing lots of quaint and quirky roadside attractions. Not forgetting trying huge piles of comfort food in local diners, and just simply cruising along with the family.

Go on Safari

Safaris in South Africa are made for children. They enable the kids (and you) to get closer than you might imagine to big game, learn all about conservation and realise the importance of looking after the planet. Karen from Mini Travellers is currently in Malawi, and she has been on some incredible safaris with her 3 children.

Surfing in Australia

If you’re looking for great summer family break ideas that keep you all active (especially the kids), teach you all something new, and allow you to spend lots of time on the beach, then look no further than a trip to Australia complete with surfing lessons. There are so many surf schools in Australia, that you will have no problem enrolling and learning all there is to know about the surf. In your spare time take the kids to some of the national parks, where they’ll delight in seeing Koalas chewing eucalyptus, and kangaroos bouncing about.

See the Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Japan is a country with a rich history that is rooted in tradition and nature. It is the perfect place to take your children if you want them to fully embrace nature. If you take them there in the spring, they’ll just adore picnicking under one of the many cherry blossom trees in full bloom, before visiting one of the many mountain temples. For a treat, let them sample some of the Japanese candy which is as strange as it is delicious in many cases.

Where would you include on your bucket list when travelling with children ?

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