Little Loves – Summer Holidays, Back to School and 4 years of Blogging

I have really missed writing up my Little Loves post over the summer, and I am glad the weekly link up is back after its summer break. I last wrote a Little Loves post back on the 27th July, a post that was filled with emotion as Katie had just finished primary school. Fast forward 6 and a bit weeks and she has just started high school, thankfully with a lot less emotion from me. So my Little Loves this week is a look back at our summer holidays.

The summer holidays


My aim was to read 2 books during the summer holidays and I achieved this. Mostly thanks to the kids being out and about with their friends for most of the summer. I read One Night in Italy by Lucy Diamond (I am slowly working my way through her whole collection of books), and I also read Hurrah for Gin which was perfect summer holiday reading. I now have a delightful stack of books to read after a recent visit to Chester. Jenny from Lets Talk Mommy recommended the Lauren Graham book ages ago, and now that we have finally finished Gilmore Girls I plan to get stuck in. The other books were £1 each from WH Smiths in Chester. Little did I know they have a bargain basement downstairs with all kinds of books at brilliant prices. I grabbed 3 that I liked the look of.

Bundle of books


FINALLY we have finished Gilmore Girls. We started watching it back in January, and we had a mission to finish it before the end of the summer holidays. Well we failed by 3 days. I absolutely loved watching the 7 seasons, but I wasn’t sure about the new episodes they made in 2016. But I do feel sad that our evenings will not be filled with Lorelai and Rory. But as one box set finishes another one opens, and this time it’s a return to the god that is Harvey from Suits. The husband got season 6 on DVD before we knew it was on Netflix (fail), but the upside is we have season 6 and 7 to catch up on now. Perfect Autumn viewing.



Happy birthday to Morgan, and just because he is 15 doesn’t mean he gets away without us singing to him. He is a middle of August baby and we celebrated with a family meal in the evening, and the week before I took him and 5 of his friends paintballing. I can’t believe I have a 15 year old.

Sons 15th Birthday


Our playroom look pretty with the addition of a desk. Katie has been desperate for a desk, and as soon as we waved her off to Scout camp for the bank holiday weekend, we were in the car heading to IKEA. Whilst the husband put the desk together (with minimal swearing), I concentrated on making the desk look pretty. The plan was to ‘hot desk’ and use it for blogging when Katie is at school. But of course the wifi can’t possibly stretch to another room in the house. But needless to say I LOVE it, and Katie was over the moon when she returned from camp. I think she is slightly disappointed that she hasn’t received any homework yet.

Desk in a playroom


It has to be a brand new school uniform for the ‘wore’ section. Katie looked so grown up with her blazer on for starting her new journey to high school. You can’t beat the crisp white shirts, newly pleated pinafores and the polished shoes on the first day of term.

First day at High School

And lastly

Yesterday was my blog birthday, 4 years of The Williams’ World. What a crazy and wonderful 4 years it has been, meeting new friends both in the online and real world. The opportunities my blog has given me in that time has been amazing, doing things I would never think I would do (baking with Lisa Faulkner being one of them). I will never become a huge blogger, or even a medium one, but I am happy with that. I love my blog and it brings me enjoyment, so here is to the next 12 months of craziness. Who knows where it will take me over the next 12 months x

Baking with Lisa Faulkner


24 thoughts on “Little Loves – Summer Holidays, Back to School and 4 years of Blogging”

  1. It looks like you have had a wonderful summer Tracey. Congrats on your 4th blog anniversary, I celebrated 4 years in June and even though I’ve had my ups and down with it I still love being a blogger. I love your blog and I’m so glad I’ve met you, you made me feel so welcome at the hotter shoes event last year and it’s great that we now do challenges together. Thanks for being my blogging buddy.Here’s to another successful 4 years for us both x

    • Ah happy belated blog birthday Angela, 2013 was a good year to start blogging wasn’t it. And that is really lovely to say that. I love our weekly challenges as I definitely needed something to keep me focused and positive. We will have to arrange a coffee together soon as I am not going to Blog On x

  2. Happy blog birthday to you!
    Katie looks lovely in her uniform. It’s such an exciting time, isn’t it?
    I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls or Suits, but it must be good to have so many episodes of something to work through. We binged on Broadchurch and Line of Duty earlier this year and are back to not knowing what to watch again now!

    • We don’t really watch ‘normal’ tv anymore and tend to watch box sets on Netflix. Suits is really good as is Gilmore Girls. Ah yes I think they age about a year as soon as they get that high school uniform on don’t they x

  3. Happy blog birthday! Kate looks lovely in her uniform. And what a gorgeous desk. I lost my desk when we moved and as the Mr works from home now – he gets the office, while I’m on the kitchen table. I love Gilmore Girls, I often rewatch it. And I seriously want to move to Stars Hollow! Hope you all have a good week x

    • Ah thank you, can’t believe it has been 4 years. Ah boo to you losing your office, though I must admit I do most of my blogging sat at the dining room table. I am very envious of daughter’s desk and keep sneaking in there when she is at school. And yes should we move to Stars Hollow, what a great place to live x

  4. oH Happy birthday!!!!! We love suits it’s a firm favorite having finished GG and OITNB. Also love Game of Thrones and will kill me waiting for last season. I need to get some new books to read finished my summer reading list. Love our desk set up I really keep begging hubby for an office in the garage or loft. Maybe someday. lol Hope you had a great weekend. #littleloves

    • Thank you Jenny, my husband loves Game of Thrones but its not one for me. Love Suits and you can’t beat abit of Harvey can you lol. I am really pleased with the desk and how it has turned out x

    • Ah thank you Sarah, you have always been amazing support and you are a great blogging friend. And one day we may even been in Ikos at the same time to share a few cocktails lol x

    • Thank you Jess, it has gone so quick. I am guessing you are not that far behind me. She is loving school and even stayed behind to go in the school gym today. Hope the twins are having a great time at school too x

  5. Loving Katie’s desk! I’m desperate to get our office space sorted out, it’s just full of boxes and piles of stuff right now, definitely not a relaxing work environment!
    Happy blogging birthday, what a fantastic achievement! You should be super proud xx

    • Aw thanks Morgana, 4 years has certainly flown by. I am sure you will get your office space sorted soon. The desk has certainly made a huge difference in the playroom x

  6. I love that photo of Lisa Faulkner and your daughter – what a great opportunity! And a desk in the playroom is a great idea and yours is so stylish, it looks really great. I sometimes feel sorry for the husbands of bloggers as we are so keen to get the stuff out of the boxes and in situ so that we can photograph it lol! I had to learn how to do it myself the other week cos I was fed up of waiting. Enjoy all those books and I still haven’t finished Gilmore Girls! xx

    • I always shy away from events in London but I couldn’t pass up on baking with Lisa. It was such a great day out for Katie and I. I love how her desk space has worked out, and hope you get GG finished soon. I really miss it x


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