Little Loves – Wedding Anniversary, SATS and sunny days in Liverpool

I am so glad it’s Friday as it means the year 6 SATS are over. Katie has been doing tests for the past 4 days, but today it’s own clothes and toy day.  She has handled this week brilliantly, keeping herself calm and doing her absolute best.  I gave her this card on Sunday night, as it pretty much summed up our feelings towards the tests.

SATS card

I am so proud of her, and tonight we are going to the Trafford Centre to treat her and go for a meal. Plus it’s a double celebration as it’s our 16th wedding anniversary today. 16 years since we said ‘I do’ on a scorching hot day in a local hotel. I absolutely loved our wedding day, and I would do it all again in a heartbeat. So what else have we been up to this past fortnight.


I am a member of David Lloyd and love spending time there. They have recently launched their new menu, and after ‘reading’ it (see what I did there), I opted for the smashed avocado on toast. Now I am going to go out on a limb here, as I am not totally sure about the whole avocado phase.  BUT it was delicious, and I will definitely be ordering it again.

Avocado on toast


A fortnight ago we went and watched Katie in her second dance show, Music at the Movies. She was dancing to Fame, and she totally rocked leg warmers. Though when I told her mummy used to wear them, she looked at me in disgust


We ‘made’ the journey to Liverpool last weekend, and we finally put our love lock on the Albert Dock. I have written a separate post about locks on the dock, if you fancy a read. Nearly a full year since I bought it for our 15th anniversary, it is firmly locked in place.

Locks on the dock in Liverpool


The Vamps in concert….. they were SO good. Am I allowed to say that being a 43 year old woman. Anyway we picked Katie up from school last Friday and headed straight to Liverpool. I had booked the tickets as part of her Christmas present, and of course had arranged a sneaky night away. We stayed in the Premier Inn at the Albert Dock, and I can highly recommend the hotel if you are going to a concert at The Echo arena. The Vamps certainly put on a good show, and I am not ashamed to admit that I danced for pretty much all of it.

The Vamps in concert

And it was lovely being in Liverpool with the sun shining down. It was a pretty perfect 24 hours away.


Liver Buildings in Liverpool


It was time for the feet to come out of their winter hibernation this week, and time to embrace sandals. I picked up this pair for our holiday to Greece last month, and a total bargain at £10. They are from George at Asda and I noticed that Morgana had a pair of leopard print ones. They are SO comfy and I can highly recommend for the summer.

Primark Perfume

I have also been wearing this perfume that I picked up in Primark for £3.50. Ok it’s never going to last all day long at that price, but it smells lovely and is perfect for work.

And lastly

I am getting really excited about heading to Blog On a week on Sunday. It will be my 3rd Blog On conference, and can’t wait to catch up with old and new friends. I wrote my Blog On ice breaker this time last year. You might find out that my dad once wrote a Neighbours annual.


22 thoughts on “Little Loves – Wedding Anniversary, SATS and sunny days in Liverpool”

  1. Hello sandal twin! Aren’t they fab? SO stylish and comfy and such a bargain too.
    What a lovely week you’ve had! A big well done to Katie for surviving SATS week. The year 6s at my girls school have a big fun day planned today including a big outdoor climbing wall on the field. It’s so good to do something fun for them after a week of tests. Enjoy the Trafford Centre tonight xx

    • I wore mine last night when we went to the Trafford Centre and they were SO comfy. I am definitely getting the leopard print ones too. Ah the outdoor climbing wall sounds so much fun, and all year 6s definitely deserve fun and laughter after SATS week x

  2. Oh love the sandals!! And what a bargain! Sounds like Kate has done well this week with her SATS.. definitely worthy of treats and a meal! Have a wonderful weekend. Popping over from #LittleLoves

    • I adore them and they also do them in leopard print AND sparkly gold which of course I need now. Katie was definitely treated last night as she did us proud how she handled her SATS x

    • They put on a brilliant concert, and the thing I like about The Vamps (well apart from the music and their boyish charm) is that they keep their ticket prices fairly reasonable. Three years ago we paid £9 each to see them in a huge arena x

  3. That’s such a sweet card <3 The amount of pressure schools put on kids at such a young age is ridiculous. Even now, with a degree, people don't give a shit about my grades. Crazy, isn't it?!

    • It really is crazy, and even though the school have worked them hard in the run up to SATS they kept them nice and chilled for the actual week. I knew the card was perfect for her as soon as I saw it x

  4. ah the dreaded SATS. We will be going through this next year, but I am already telling A not to worry about them, they are not a reflection on her. I’m not sure about avocado either but it’s growing on me lately.

    • Thankfully Katie seemed to take them all in her stride, and she knew they were more for the school than a reflection on her. Thank god I am not the only person who is unsure about avocado x

  5. Sounds like a brilliant week! Well done to Kate on her SATs. My teen has another round of exams coming up next month. They do them 3 times a year here and it’s so OTT. It starts when they’re 6 and goes all the way through school, no wonder none of the teens are ever allowed out they’re always revising poor sods! I love those sandals, they look so comfy, I can never find any wide enough for my big feet! Hope you have a great week x

    • How horrid for your teen to do so many tests. So much pressure is put on them when they should be enjoying the teenage years. I have wide feet and the sandals were perfect, and above all SO comfy x

  6. What a busy week for Katie. Glad her SATs are over and hope she enjoyed all the fun aside from them. Love the sandals and i need a cheapy perfume to wear everyday
    See you Sunday!

    • Thanks Beth, I am so glad the school had lots of fun planned for them after the SATS. They all deserved it after the hard week they had. You can’t beat the perfume for under £4 for everyday x

  7. Ah so looking forward to seeing you next week, happy aniversarry its sounds like you celebrated in style, I love the shoes. Thank goodness SATS are over although GCSEs started today arghhh x

    • Me too Sarah, looking forward to a proper catch up. Well as proper as you can get at a busy blog conference. Argh going from SATS to GCSEs, wishing Jack all the luck in the world for the next month x

    • I must admit it was lovely to have The Vamps and our stay in Liverpool to look forward too before the SATS started. Ah Sarah you will be very much missed on Sunday. Can’t believe it’s a year since you came to mine and we went into Manchester x

  8. Oh those sandals are ace I love them. I need some new spring/summer foot wear pronto. I went shopping today found nothing I hate that. Way to go for your daughter that’s amazing. Sounds like you have been busy. Happy week. #littleloves

    • They are fab aren’t they Jenny, and a total bargain at £10. I really need the leopard print ones that Morgana has too. Ah I hate that when you go shopping and you can’t find anything. Yes it has been a crazy but fun filled few weeks x


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