Locks on the Dock in Liverpool

For our wedding anniversary last year, I decided to get my husband a love lock. For those of you who have never heard of a love lock, it’s a padlock which you can lock to a fence, bridge or gate to symbolise your love. As we were celebrating 15 years of marriage, our Albert Dock love locks was inscribed with ’15 Years Married’ and on the other side ‘Tracey and Hywel, 12th May 2001’ which is the date we got married.

Where to buy Love Locks

I am pretty sure my husband did the usual male response of thinking ‘why the hell has she got me a padlock’, and the lock has sat gathering dust in his wardrobe for nearly a year. Doesn’t he know I spent good money on his gift (£7.99 from eBay, what a bargain). To be honest I forgot about it too, only remembering when we visited Birmingham in November, and spotted the line of love locks by the canal. Of course I mentally added it to the list of ‘things you don’t ever get around to doing’.

So whilst I was packing for our little trip to Liverpool last week, I suddenly thought LOVE LOCK. And after a quick rummage in my husband’s wardrobe, the lock was packed. My best friend had added her love lock to the railings at The Albert Dock, and I knew that would be the perfect spot for ours too.

Love Lockst at The Albert Dock

Where to place your Albert Dock love locks

So last Saturday, nearly a whole year after we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary, our love lock was locked in place. There are literally railings of love locks. Some that are brand new like ours, and some that have been there for  years, rusting away against the backdrop of the Mersey. We attached ours to a railing at the back of the arena on the waterfront.

Albert Dock Love Locks

Albert Dock Love Locks

When the padlock is locked in position, you throw the keys into the River Mersey, symbolising that your love is locked forever. But we forgot that part, mainly due to the 11 year old complaining she was cold/tired/thirsty. I am pretty sure we will be visiting Liverpool again soon, giving us the chance to throw the keys into the river and check on the Albert Dock love locks. That’s if we can remember where we put it!

Have you spotted any love locks around the UK or even in Europe ?




14 thoughts on “Locks on the Dock in Liverpool”

    • Ah they seem to be really popular now. We saw a few in Birmingham but not on the scale that Liverpool has. Maybe I need to get a collection and put them all around the UK x

    • Thanks Tas, anniversary is tomorrow and looking forward to celebrating. It’s a fab idea isn’t it x

  1. Everytime we go to the Albert Dock I stop and look at the love locks, if I ever find yours Tracey I’ll let you know, I think it’s such a lovely idea! My kids are fascinated by them too, I love reading the messages on them. Just think how long that will sit there now, so sweet xx

    • I only knew they were there as my best friend put hers on last year. I wish I stayed for longer reading some more, but it was a little chilly and Katie kept moaning lol. I will have to go back by myself one day x

  2. Congratulations Tracey Wish you a Happy Anniversary.
    Today I begin to understand what real love must be.This concept Is very much new to me and I would like to adopt this for the lifetime.Thanks for the sharing.There’s nothing more romantic than a love lock.

  3. What a lovely lovely read Tracey and I love the photos too. What a lovely time you have had celebrating this year – You could throw the keys into one of the canals in Amsterdam? Congratulations again Tracey & Hywel and muchly love x


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