My A to Z of things to achieve in 2017

Ah January, the month of avoiding the remains of the Christmas chocolate, drinking copious amounts of water instead of gin, and writing lists. And in true January style, I sat down the other evening and wrote my list of some of the things I want to achieve this year. Sorry about the ‘yellow submarine’ one, I really couldn’t think of anything else beginning with Y.

My A to Z of 2017

Discover a new place to have afternoon tea

Hire a beach hut

Visit a new city

Go dancing

Go to Edinburgh

Meet up with blogging friends

Be brave and go in the gym at David Lloyd

Be sat in a hot tub on Christmas Day or New Years Eve

Eat ice cream on the beach

Go to Jodrell Bank

Sort my kitchen cupboards out

See London at Christmas time

Buy a new mattress for Katie’s bed

Go to Northumberland in the summer

Carve a pumpkin in October

Paint my nails

Visit the Queen

Go to Ribby Hall for a spa day

Buy a new sofa

Take the train to a new place

Kiss under the stars

Venture outside with the kids more often

Wear a pretty dress

Avoid watching the X factor

Find a yellow submarine

Go to the Zoo

I can already tick off ‘Go to the Zoo’ as we had our first adventure of the year when we went to Chester Zoo a few days ago. And we are staying in Bath next month, which is a new city for us. Hopefully I have chosen a good mix of travel, adventure and practicality. I feel a buzz of excitement for January and 2017. What would you have on your A to Z list ?

16 thoughts on “My A to Z of things to achieve in 2017”

    • I will definitely be picking your brains nearer to the time Sam. Just looking for somewhere to stay at the moment. Our friends live in Whitley Bay and we want to visit Newcastle and possibly Edinburgh if it’s not too far away on the train x

    • Thanks Sarah, we had the idea for an A to Z list when we went out with the kids over Christmas. Ensuite bathroom could either be E or B x

    • Thanks Sharon. I love doing lists which mainly involve boring things to do around the home. Nice to have a list filled with some exciting things x

  1. Oh love this list. I actually work near Ribby Hall and have never ever been. I tell all my work colleagues to stay there when they come up Norf too. Definitely go to Edinburgh and take me with you 😉

    • We have stayed at Ribby Hall twice when Morgan was little, but I am longing to stay in the hotel and go in the spa. Maybe we need a bloggers day out there x

    • Thankfully we live 20 minutes away from Liverpool, and I am pretty sure there must a yellow submarine somewhere in the city x

  2. A great list Tracey and you wont regret London at Christmas, I was lucky enough to manage 2 visits this year and I loved it. And Edinburgh is on our list too we haven’t been for a couple of years and loved it last time x

    • I loved seeing all of your pictures, and also Donna’s of London at Christmas. The lights everywhere are just so pretty. I am thinking of taking the kids between Christmas and New Year rather than just being attached to the sofa eating chocolate x


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