Ah January, the month of avoiding the remains of the Christmas chocolate, drinking copious amounts of water instead of gin, and writing lists. And in true January style, I sat down the other evening and wrote my list of some of the things I want to achieve this year. Sorry about the ‘yellow submarine’ one, I really couldn’t think of anything else beginning with Y.

My A to Z of 2017

Discover a new place to have afternoon tea

Hire a beach hut

Visit a new city

Go dancing

Go to Edinburgh

Meet up with blogging friends

Be brave and go in the gym at David Lloyd

Be sat in a hot tub on Christmas Day or New Years Eve

Eat ice cream on the beach

Go to Jodrell Bank

Sort my kitchen cupboards out

See London at Christmas time

Buy a new mattress for Katie’s bed

Go to Northumberland in the summer

Carve a pumpkin in October

Paint my nails

Visit the Queen

Go to Ribby Hall for a spa day

Buy a new sofa

Take the train to a new place

Kiss under the stars

Venture outside with the kids more often

Wear a pretty dress

Avoid watching the X factor

Find a yellow submarine

Go to the Zoo

I can already tick off ‘Go to the Zoo’ as we had our first adventure of the year when we went to Chester Zoo a few days ago. And we are staying in Bath next month, which is a new city for us. Hopefully I have chosen a good mix of travel, adventure and practicality. I feel a buzz of excitement for January and 2017. What would you have on your A to Z list ?