My love of holidays

I LOVE holidays to the point where I think I am bordering on becoming a holiday addict. I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to… though I am sure the credit card would not agree.

Its funny as when I met my husband we only went on 2 holidays before we had the children. One of them was to Benidorm for a week (I dont actually remember much about this holiday… All inclusive… lots of vodka… say no more) and the other was to Mexico for our Honeymoon.

We went on our first holiday when our first born was 9 months old. We went to a Haven site in Filey and we had a great 4 nights away as a family. I still remember the final night sat on the beach with a hot chocolate wishing I could stay there for ever. From that point on I was hooked on getting away as a family. I love the whole planning of our holiday and the researching of places to go. I spend my life on Trip Advisor !

I also like the buzz of getting the best deal for our holiday. I will not rest until I KNOW I have got the best deal out there. If booking on the internet I always use a cashback site like Quidco. Every little helps as they say.

When the kids were little we chose to go to places like Haven and Butlins which are fantastic for families. Ok the entertainment might be a little too cheesy but hey the kids love it. And its that old saying ‘if the kids are happy us parents are too’. Every single holiday gives us something different to do as a family, and we like to go to different places around the UK. Centerparcs keeps pulling us back though, and we have our 9th trip booked in January 2014.

Another place we fell in love with was Florida. We went there for our ‘holiday of a lifetime’ back in 2011 when our children were 5 and 8. We returned in 2012 and 2013 we loved it that much. We had to sell a few kidneys to return but it was worth it.

I often wonder if I ask the kids what their favourite holiday would be ? One things for sure, it wont be the holiday where we all caught the most horrendous sickness bug.

Where do you like to holiday and why ?


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