untitledOn the day of my 40th Birthday I was presented with an envelope from my hubby. Inside it said that I would be going away for 3 days on the 24th January in a ‘forest lodge with hot tub’ location unknown. From that minute I was counting the seconds till the 24th which was a huge 9 days away. My hubby never gave anything away to where we were going, and as we packed the car up last Friday morning, the Sat nav was turned away from me. I am quite surprised he did not lock me in the boot !

After 2 hours heading East we arrived in York and turned into Griffon Forest. Now Griffon Forest is very special to us, as 12 years ago we celebrated hubbys 30th birthday here, and 9 months later our first born arrived into the world (yes you do the maths). I was quite emotional to be back, and I was thrilled to be spending 3 whole days here just me and hubs. Hubby went and checked in and he came back to the car beaming that we had a great location. Now he knows me well enough to know that location is everything to me. He quickly found our lodge, which was at the bottom of a small cul de sac of 3 lodges. I could not wait to get inside and see what the lodge was like.


And oh my goodness, what an amazing lodge !!! We have stayed in many lodges over the years, but this was truly stunning. It was open plan, with a four poster bed with champagne at the bottom of the bed. A huge jacuzzi bath and a walk in shower, and on the large decking the fantastic hot tub which was buddling away. Our lodge was nestled into the forest, and the view was just stunning.


I could not believe we were staying here for a whole 3 days with no kids (thanks to my mum and step dad). I kept walking around the lodge, taking it all in. I quickly unpacked, and we headed to the hot tub armed with a bottle of champagne. We spent many hours in the hot tub which was stunning, and in the night it was perfect gazing up at the stars. We went to York for the day on the Saturday, and it takes less than 15 minutes drive into York. Or you can choose to use the Park and Ride which is not far away.


To be honest we would have been happy to not even move out of the lodge. We had such a chilled out time here, and I was very grateful that my hubby had chosen Griffon Forest. For anyone planning a special break away I would highly recommend. We are already buttering up nana  planning when we can go again, hopefully next year. Oh and I can assure you there will be NO pitter patter of tiny feet in 9 months this time !


Thank you Griffon Forest for being an amazing place, and hubby for booking it and keeping it a huge secret. And thanks to my mum for supervising the kids for 3 whole days. We WILL be back and not leave it 12 years this time.




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