Nando’s night out

This evening we have experienced a Nando’s night out as a family. The kids have never been to Nando’s, and me and the husband have only been twice a few years ago. We chose Nando’s as, thanks to my mum, I received a gift card for my birthday. I rang to book a table, and I was advised they were not taking bookings. However, if I turned up around 5pm there should be no more than a 10 minute wait. We arrived just before 5pm, and we were seated straight away.

Now I am going to go out on a limb here as I know LOTS of people adore Nando’s, but I just don’t get the whole infatuation with it. For those of you not familiar with the concept, if you are going at a busy time you will know doubt have to wait in a large queue before you are seated. You then choose what you want, and join another queue to go and order and pay for your food. You then go and get your own cutlery, napkins, drinks and sauces. I was then looking for the other queue to join to go to the kitchen and cook our food, but they have chefs that do that bit for you.

The food did come quickly and was nice, and hubby even tried the extra hot sauce. The drinks are refills which are good, especially when you drink about 10 gallons of coke to soothe your burning mouth. The atmosphere was lively, and the restaurant was full with people starting to queue outside the door. I won’t dwell on the fact I slipped over (yes there were signs to warn me of the slippery surface), and then pulled my new cardigan on the table!

Whilst we did have a good Nando’s night out, I just feel it’s over priced ‘chicken’ for a restaurant which is basically self service. If I am paying £35.00 for a meal, I like to feel a little looked after. Sorry to all the Nando’s lovers out there, this picture is for you.

Nandos 2

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