Our travel plans for 2018

Our travel plans for this year are slightly different. Having managed 14 trips away during 2017, we will be travelling far less this year due to one thing…. GCSEs. Holidays are on hold for the first 6 months of the year, but I have made up for our lack of travel with our summer holiday trip. This is how 2018 is shaping up so far.

Our travel plans for 2018


The husband and I managed to escape for a night to celebrate my birthday. We booked one of our favourite Premier Inns at The Trafford Centre for the bargain price of £29. We ate, shopped, drank gin, but sadly we were tucked up in bed before 10pm as hubby was suffering with the flu.

Happy Birthday


Last weekend Katie went on her first scout camp of the year. No braving the elements in a tent (thankfully), as she stayed in a beautiful lodge in North Wales.


Okay, I know I said no holidays for the first part of the year, but I couldn’t resist booking a little getaway for us over Easter. We are heading to Shropshire for 2 nights, another Premier Inn bargain at £84. We plan to visit Shrewsbury and Telford, which is a part of the UK we have never visited before.


Katie goes on her first high school trip in June, and what a trip. London for 1 night to visit Harry Potter World, London Eye, watch Wicked in the West End, and she also gets to visit the Pineapple Dance Studios to meet the cast of Wicked. To say she is very excited would be an understatement.


Another month, and another school trip. Morgan goes to Sicily for 4 days, where he will visit Mount Etna, go river tubing, and bathe in warm mud baths. Another amazing opportunity for him.

And whilst the teen is away, I get to go on a spa break with 2 of my bestest friends. Ribby Hall Spa in Lancashire has been on my ‘travel list’ for years, and finally I get to go in July.


After booking this trip back in September, I think by the time August comes we will be more than ready for our holiday. We are off to Mexico, 17 years after we first visited Cancun on our honeymoon. We have always wanted to go back as a family, and this year we knew our main holiday would have to be in the summer (we usually take our main holiday in April to our favourite hotel Ikos Olivia). When I first started looking at Spain and Greece, I was shocked at how dear it was to holiday in Europe. Mexico was coming out at the same price you would pay for a decent hotel in Europe. So our decision was made, and 2018 will see us head back to Cancun as a family.

The Grand at Moon Palace


We loved our festive trip to Bath just before Christmas, and this year I have booked a lodge between York and Harrogate. The perfect start to the festive season.

So despite me thinking that we will be travelling far less this year due to GCSEs, writing it all down makes me realise that 2018 is going to be yet another fun and exciting year for us.

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    • It has been on my list for 17 years, ever since we went to Mexico on our honeymoon. I am pretty sure the wait will be worth it x

  1. Sounds like an exciting year of travel ahead Tracey. I love Telford, the big kids grandparents used to live there so we visited often when they were small. The town park is fantastic.
    Ribby Hall is on my wishlist too, it looks amazing and not too far from home either x

    • Really looking forward to exploring Telford as it’s a part of the UK we have never been to (only driven through on our way to South Wales). I am so excited for Ribby Hall. We went about 14 years ago and stayed in the cottages which are lovely. Can’t wait to see what the spa is like x

    • You will love Bath Mill Angela. Funnily enough, this time last year we were on our first break to the city. I can also highly recommend Wells which has a stunning cathedral x

    • Ah I didn’t realise you had been to the Moon Palace Lorraine. So excited as we really wanted to go there on our honeymoon but it was too expensive. Never thought I would be going back with the kids, so excited x

  2. GCSEs really do get in the way don’t they?! Sounds like you have some amazing plans though, Tracey and lots of fabulous school trips for the kids to look forward to. I love documenting things that we have to look forward to, I might do the same actually. Mexico is somewhere we often look at but our seasons never seem to coincide with theirs, is it go to go there in August? We are going on a cruise this year and i cannot blooming wait!

    • They really do Suzanne, especially as we usually go away in April. I keep thinking it’s just for one year but then in a few years it will be A levels and then Katie doing GCSEs. I think there might be a few showers each day when we go to Mexico, but it will still be really warm. Oooo cruise sounds exciting. I would love to go cruising expect I get really seasick so that’s a big no x

  3. What a great year ahead for you, even though it sounds like your kids are getting some of the best trips on their own! When did school trips get so exciting?! I bet you will love going back to Mexico, it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit. So lovely that you get to return as a family now xx

    • I know Hayley, they do VERY well for school trips at their high school. They are extremely lucky and I love that they go off on adventures of their own (though of course very jealous of the teens trips to Iceland and Italy). I cannot wait to return to Mexico after 17 years x

    • Thanks Jess, I am so excited to return to Mexico as a family. I can’t believe it will be just over 17 years since we went on our honeymoon. Time really does go fast when you are having fun x


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