Teen and Tween skincare from Green People – An update

It’s 5 months since Katie started using the Oy! range from Green People, and I thought I would give a little update as to how her skin is doing.

Green People’s teen and tween range is called Oy! (Organic Young), and as you would expect from the name the products are all organic. Their range works in harmony with younger skin, and contains no harsh chemicals. As a mum it was important to me that Katie would be starting her skincare routine with natural products. Since September, Katie has been using the following products that we were kindly sent by Green People.

Green People skincare range

Clear skin foaming face wash which contains willow bark and Tea tree extracts.

Clear skin cleansing moisturiser which is PH balanced.

Clear skin purifying serum. This is more lightweight than the moisturiser, and is perfect for combatting spots.

Clear skin blemish concealer is perfect if you feel the need to squeeze spots (looking at my teenager here). The concealer treats acne prone skin by reducing the inflammation and redness of the spots, whilst the Tea Tree soothes and calms the skin down. Reducing the need to squeeze them.

Deodorant which is 89% organic and disappeared into her school bag ready to use after PE.

Teen and Tween skincare

She has been using the products nearly every day, and I am pleased to say she has had very few spot outbreaks. Prior to using the Oy! range Katie was starting to suffer with spots which would mainly appear on her forehead. A stark reminder that my tween was growing up. Fast forward 5 months and the outbreaks are far less, and it’s lovely to see that Katie is taking care of her skin from a young age.

But Green People don’t just look after tween and teen skin, they offer a huge variety of organic skincare products for adults too. They very kindly sent me 2 products to try, as my skin has really been suffering this winter. I needed a winter pick me up for my skin, and I was hoping the Vita Min Fix 24 hour cream was going to help. It promised to boost my skin hydration which was exactly what I needed, as well as reducing wrinkles (well I am 44).

Green People skincare

Green People Organic Skincare

Together with the Gentle cleanse and make up remover, my skin feels fresher, more hydrated and brighter. I have only been using the products for the past 3 weeks, but what a difference in my skin. You can view the full range of skincare on the Green People website.

Striking a pose before we went to the cinema last week

Thank you to Green People for supplying the products for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Teen and Tween skincare from Green People – An update”

  1. Hi Tracey,

    Your daughter’s skin looks pretty flawless. A stark difference from my skin around that age.

    WIth the Organic Young range, would you be able to use it for adult skin? My instinct says yes just because teenage skin might be a bit more oily than adult skin.

    • Hi Jess thank you for saying that. Yes the range would be perfect for adult skin too. I have used it a few times and it was fine on my skin x


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