Venice – Will it be 4th time lucky

Last month we made the difficult decision to cancel our Venice trip for the third time. We all know that travel has been extremely problematic during the pandemic, and our ‘3rd time lucky’ trip seemed to have more obstacles put in the way with every day that passed. Not to mention the fear of actually getting covid in the days before we travelled.


Tests that would have cost around £350 for a three night trip, having to take our pre-departure tests on Christmas Day, problems with our youngest teen not being able to access a ‘Super Green Pass’ for Italy, our flight back had changed from the afternoon to 7am, having to isolate whilst we wait for the PCR results (though this has now been dropped). This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but when you are flying back on the 30th December, this would have meant another New Years Eve stuck in the house.

The flights were transferred for the 4th time, and once again easyJet made it as seamless as possible. As the flight was still operating, our new flights for summer 2022 were slightly more expensive, and we had to pay an additional £31. I had booked an Airbnb after the success of our first Airbnb stay in York. Thankfully the cancellation policy on the three bed house we had booked in Venice, meant we got a full refund.

I honestly thought we were going to get there this time, and I had even started to book restaurants and look at places we wanted to visit. But sadly it wasn’t meant to be again, and I felt bitterly disappointed for our eldest teen. This was his 18th birthday trip, and if we get there this summer, he will be nearly 20.

The one good thing about postponing our trip yet again, is that I have booked an extra night for the summer. What started off as a 2 night trip, is now going to be a 4 night stay. Plenty of time to see all the sights of Venice and the surrounding islands.

Hopefully I won’t be updating you about yet another cancelled trip, and instead writing about all the wonderful things we did in Venice… fingers crossed.


6 thoughts on “Venice – Will it be 4th time lucky”

    • Thanks Kim. I honestly thought we were going to get there this time. Felt awful for the eldest but he was fine and completely understood x

    • I am keeping everything crossed that we finally get there in the summer, surely it will be 4th time lucky. Though I do have to make a slight change to the flights as at the moment we are flying back the evening before prom, which is not going to be suitable x


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