My first car

The day after my 17th birthday (which was a LONG time ago) I booked my first driving lesson. I knew that as soon as I was old enough, I wanted to pass my test and get my own car. After 6 months of lessons and passing first time, I started looking. Working in a bank meant I could get a loan at a reduced staff rate. And a few weeks of searching for a suitable car, I found it. Even though it was 24 years ago, I still remember exactly what my first car looked like.

It was a blue Ford Fiesta E reg. It was around 5 years old when I bought it, and it was ALL mine. It meant freedom and not having to rely on my mum to get me from A to B. Being a parent now, I bet she threw a party when she didn’t have to be ‘mum taxi’ anymore. The car took pride of place on the drive, and I used to wash it twice a week. How I laugh at this memory, as my car is lucky if its gets washed twice a year.

I took pride in how my car looked, and I loved picking my friends up and heading off to somewhere new. But would I know what to do if anything happened to my car ? Would I be able to change a tyre ? I was a careful driver even at 17, but I wouldn’t know what to do if my car skidded.  Just the other day I saw a car skid right infront of me. Luckily they were ok, and seemed to hit an oily patch on the road after it had been raining. But when this happens its really important to have the right tyres fitted to minimise any damage.

With my first car I left all the maintenance up to my step dad. But at 41 I need to take responsibility, and make sure I have the right tyres fitted. This is where Point S car tyres can help. You can get an instant price online, and then make an appointment to have your tyres fitted. I was really surprised that our nearest Point S centre was only 8 miles away. They have a wide range of tyres available and budgets to suit everybody. I will definitely be using this service next time I need to purchase tyres.

This is a collaborative post and all words and thoughts are my own.

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