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What better way to start the October half term holidays than a trip to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. My husband and son have visited the attraction before, but it was mine and daughters first time. I am usually the one who stands outside the scary attractions, but this time there was no getting out of it. The Dungeons are located underneath the famous Tower, and the main entrance is at the rear of the landmark. We got there around 10.40am as we were booked in at 11am, and there was a small queue at this time.

We first did the obligatory photo shot, where I was accused of a ‘nagging’ crime….. Did husband call ahead lol. We then waited around 5 minutes and our Dungeon experience began. The first actor we encountered was a jester, who told us tales of The Dungeons and the Pendle Witches. She set the scene well for the rest of our experience and sent us to the lift. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t want to go in the lift. The staff were very good with her, and took us via the stair route.


During the experience you go into 10 rooms which are led by actors. Without giving too much away, our favourite rooms were the court room (hilarious), and also the torture room. The actress in the torture room was scary and funny in equal measures. There is lots of audience participation in every room, which certainly adds to the whole experience.

In some rooms you are able to sit down, and others you are invited to stand around the actor. The actors will never touch you, and thankfully they are not right in your face scaring you to death. Though the teen did jump out of his chair at one point…. Oh how we laughed.

The whole experience was informative, telling us about Lancastrian history but in the BEST way. I don’t remember history being this much fun when I was at school. Each room was filled with objects relating to the story. Some of these objects may move, some may make you wet, and some……. well all I can say is watch your back. But don’t worry though. I hate being spooked out and I survived The Dungeon.  All of the actors we saw were absolutely fantastic, told their stories well, and had a great mix of humour and scariness.

At the end of the experience is a ‘drop’ ride. You have to be 1.4 metres to ride it, which daughter isn’t. If you don’t wish to go on it, you just bypass it and end up in The Hangmen’s Tavern. We enjoyed a well deserved drink, whilst the kids browsed the gift shop.

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The Dungeon totally exceeded my expectations. As I have said before, its really hard to find attractions that suit both a teen and 9 year old. They both loved The Dungeon, and to be honest I have not heard the teen laugh that much in a long time. It really was a great attraction which suited us as a family. I am quite jealous as daughter will be visiting again at the end of November with her Cub Pack. We were in The Dungeon around 70 minutes, and spent about 30 minutes in the pub and gift shop.

Thank you to The Blackpool Dungeon for supplying us with 4 tickets to visit. All words and opinions are my own.

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    • Believe me Lorraine I am such a wimp too, but I am really glad I pushed my boundaries and went in. We had a great time x

    • I can’t imagine what the over 18s event is like. I get spooked really easily too Sarah, but I think I jumped once. I figured if they recommended it for over 8s, a 41 year old *should* be ok in there ha x


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