March and April goals – What I achieved this month

Looking back at my March and April goals, I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t complete more of them. But that thing called life got in the way, and my priorities were pulled in a different direction. We also had the small matter of our holiday in April, and I certainly didn’t think of any goals whilst I was sipping a cocktail on the beach in Greece.

March and April Goals - What I achieved this month

Blogging goals

Continue attending the Working Wednesday group – I absolutely love attending this small group in Chester, and every two weeks I get the chance to work alongside a few bloggers, and women in business. I come home full of positivity and smiles.

Update the ‘about me’ page on my blog – Failed on this.

Update blog header – Another failure.

SEO and update 8 posts – Oh dear, yet another fail. Though after attending 2 amazing sessions with Cerys from Rainy Day Mum at Blog On this weekend, I am ready to tackle SEO head on. 

Pitch to 2 travel companies – Okay, life certainly has got in the way of my blogging goals this past 2 months, but I am raring to go after the Blog On conference in Manchester.

Holiday goals

Book airport parking – Yes, this was the first time we had used the parking at the airport, and I was really impressed with the official Meet and Greet parking at Manchester.

Add suitcase to our flight booking – Does anybody else hate spending £60 adding a case on, but needs must.

Order Euros – I ordered 200 euros for our holiday to Greece, and we actually returned with over 100 euros. Not bad for a full week away.

Check in online and allocate seating – This was done 30 days before our flight, and we were all seated together with Easyjet. Another thing that I hate paying for is our seats, so I leave it up to chance. 

Sort out holiday clothes and buy what we need – Apart from a new dress and jumpsuit, I didn’t buy anything else for our holiday. We all had new clothes for Mexico last summer, so we didn’t really need anything else.

Personal goals 

Read 4 books – I am averaging 2 books a month, so I managed my goal of 4 books for March and April.

Continue to wear my Fitbit and increase my steps week by week – I was doing really well wearing my fitbit before, and also during our holiday, but I have got out of the habit since coming back.

Do a random act of kindness – Sadly, I didn’t manage to do a random act of kindness, but it is definitely something I want to think about in the future.

Give up crisps and bars of chocolate for Lent – Ok, I might not have managed the whole of Lent, but I did give up crisps and chocolate for 4 WEEKS. This is amazing for me.

Cook more – Another fail, but I am thinking of ordering a Hello Fresh box to spark my cooking enthusiasm again. 



8 thoughts on “March and April goals – What I achieved this month”

    • Exactly… people are more than welcome to sit next to my teenagers lol. I have definitely got my blogging spark back after Blog On x

  1. Don’t be disappointed Tracey, goals are flexible and you can always add them again next month like I do. Well done on giving up crisps and chocolate for 4 weeks , I need to have more willpower with this. Good luck with the pitching I hope lots of nice opportunities come your way soon x

    • That is true, and I will certainly be adding them onto my next set of goals. I have no idea how I managed without chocolate and crisps for all that time x


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