I have lost count of how many times I have suggested a nice family day out, only to be met with a ‘Kevin and Perry’ moment from the teen. And of course our days out as a family are getting few and far between, as both children spend more time with their friends.

Family days out when you have teenagers

But holding on to precious family time is really important to me. In just over two years, the teen could well be heading off to University. So instead of my ideas being met with a resounding NO, I asked them to give me some ideas for our family days out together.

Theme Park

We are really lucky that we live an hour from both Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. With both parks getting new rides this year, I think we are definitely due a visit during the summer months. Whilst I don’t tend to go on the rides, I am more than happy to watch the kids having fun, and of course the husband who is the biggest kid I know.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Zipworld in North Wales

We recently enjoyed a day out at Zipworld in North Wales, where we loved watching the husband fly down a zip line at over 100 miles an hour. We all agreed that it would be the perfect activity for us to do as a family, if I was ever brave enough to do such a thing. In the meantime I will keep my feet on the ground, and be the official photographer for the family.

Velocity at Zip World

A day trip to a nearby city

One day out that we all agree on is a trip to a city. Living in the middle of Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, we get to visit these cities quite regularly. And whilst I have visited Birmingham a few times, I would love to go there as a family. Our trips are always full of culture, shopping, and finding new places to eat.

Driving Experiences

I can’t believe that in just over a year, Morgan will be learning to drive. I remember taking my very first driving lesson the day after I turned 17, and it’s nearly time for my eldest child to do the same. To get him used to being behind the wheel, I would love to book him in for a Junior Driving Lesson. Track Days offer experiences to children between 11 and 17 years, so even his younger sister can join in the fun.

A trip to a Waterpark

Waterparks are great for all ages, and when you have teenagers you might even get some time to relax whilst they hit the slides. We hired a Cabana at the Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool a few years back, and it was a brilliant day out. Plus it had its own hot tub, so I bet you can’t guess where I spent the majority of my time.

Outdoor Activity Parks

Kids love getting filthy, but even better than that is getting mum and dad filthy too. We have visited a few outdoor activity parks that our close to where we live, and we always come away shattered, covered in mud, and our faces aching with laughter.

Crocky Trail Chester

What do you like to do with your teenager ? Do you have any family days out planned for the summer ?

*This is a collaborative post*