You may remember a few weeks ago, I blogged about booking our £69.00 bargain break to Scotland in a caravan. Well we returned from our break on Friday and I thought I would blog about our trip.

Our break was to Auchenlarie Holiday Park which is in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland. We had previously visited the park 5 years ago, and had a great time. Again this trip up to Scotland did not disappoint. I knew we had booked a standard caravan, which had 2 bedrooms and a fire in the living room. We took our trusty electric fire too for the bedrooms, as everyone knows Scotland can get quite chilly.… Continue reading


I was inspired to create a Spring and Summer bucket list after I read another blog post which featured one. Unfortunately, I cannot remember who wrote the post, and if you are reading this thank you for the great idea. Now I love lists, and I thought writing the things we want to do, and places we want to visit, would help us. Sometimes at the weekend, hubby and I will lie in bed wondering what we can do that day with the kids. I thought if we had the ‘bucket list’ this would save all those minutes of thinking !… Continue reading

Merlin pass

This weekend sees the start of the 2014 season at Alton Towers theme park. I think Thorpe Park and Chessington also open this   weekend, with Legoland opening last weekend. We have Merlin cards which means we can look forward to visiting the theme parks over the coming few months. We are now in our third year of having our cards, so I thought I would look back and see whether they are worth it, for anyone thinking of purchasing them.

You can find the current prices of the passes over on their website, but as a rule our passes are around £300.00 for 2 adults and 2 children.… Continue reading


A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sample some ‘Peanut Hottie’. Now the name alone has me smiling, and I have visions of being served a scrummy hot drink by a near naked ‘hottie’. When the package arrived, it contained a full jar and a smaller packet (no naked man arrived and my vision was shattered !)

I patiently waited for the kids to arrive back from school, and then the kettle was on. I used 4 teaspoons per cup. You can use more if you prefer a stronger taste but 4 was fine for us. It looked and tasted yummy, and was a big hit with us all.… Continue reading

School calander

As you know I love holidays, and as soon as the kids go back to school after half term, my thoughts quickly turn to the next holidays. Our school breaks up again for Easter on the 4th April, as our borough now has a ‘spring break’ . This will always be the first full 2 weeks in April regardless when Easter falls. Anyway over the past week, I have been looking at places to go which are nice, and are also cheap. We are heading to Corfu in the Summer holidays so I knew there was not much money in the holiday budget.… Continue reading


A few weeks ago a few things rattled me, and I felt compelled to let the whole world my trusty twitter followers know my rants. First off Nando’s. Now you may remember I blogged about Nando’s and how I don’t really get the whole love fest that people have with the restaurant. Now whilst I was there I slipped and fell. Yep pretty embarrassing eh ! And  I couldn’t even blame it on a shed load of wine. But I could blame it on the water that was on the floor, after the staff had been plunging the sink. Anyway that night I just wanted to get home and nurse my sore knee in peace.… Continue reading