What do you buy the child who loves Bratz Dolls ? From the funky clothes to the huge shoe collection they seem to have, my 10 year old loves everything about her Bratz dolls. So when I was offered a Bratz doll on a HOVERBOARD, I knew she would be jumping up and down with excitement.

Bratz Hoverboard

Cloe and Yasmin can be found whizzing around on their hoverboards, that not only light up but can also do some seriously cool 360 moves. We were sent Yasmin who is dressed in a cool cropped top, checked skirt and some funky shoes which my daughter loved. … Continue reading

Back in September I visited Birmingham for the very first time with girlfriends. I fell in love with the city so much, that I took the husband on a mini break last weekend. One thing about Birmingham is that you will never go hungry. The city has such a vast and diverse amount of restaurants, ranging from your high street chains to independent ones. Having eaten at the Handmade Burger Co back in September, I knew there was only one place to take my burger mad husband.

Handmade Burger Co

Handmade Burger Co

The Handmade Burger Co have 3 restaurants in the city, and we dined at Grand Central.… Continue reading

I am pleased to report we finally have heat back in the Williams’ household. We survived just over a week with a broken boiler, and thankfully it was before we had the really cold spell. We now have a shiny new boiler, and ok it cost the same as a decent holiday, but everybody needs heat right. So what else have we been up to this past fortnight, apart from hugging warm radiators, and a little trip away with the husband.

AC Hotel Birmingham


I have been making the effort to go to bed before 11pm and getting stuck into my book, Summer at Shell Cottage.… Continue reading

The husband and I are fairly lucky. We have always been on regular dates since meeting in 1999, and with the addition of the kids my mum has always been happy to babysit. However at home we are guilty of spending far too much time on our phones, or watching different programmes on Netflix. Add in blogging work during the evenings, and the only conversation we can sometimes have is ‘do you fancy a cuppa’. So when I was offered the chance to review a Date Night box, I jumped at the opportunity.

Date night subscription box

Date Night is a subscription service that offers ‘A surprise date in the post every month’.… Continue reading

We have now survived one week without our central heating, after our boiler decided enough was enough. We knew there would be a chance that it wouldn’t survive another winter, and in true ‘boiler fashion’ it packed in as soon as the weather turned colder.

Temperature device

We had been one step ahead though, and had already started the task of sourcing plumbers and obtaining quotes (all the cost of a decent holiday I might add). When your husband records and sends you a video of how to turn the heating on, you know it’s time to replace it. Funnily enough, on the day we booked the plumber in, it gave up the ghost completely.… Continue reading

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So another fortnight has passed, and I am currently sat in a cold home as our heating has completely packed in. But I won’t dwell on the negatives, as this post is about the little things that have made me smile. So among the doom and gloom of a frozen house, here are this fortnight’s Little Loves.


I finally started Summer at Shell Cottage last night. Mainly down to the fact that I promised I would make a start in my last Little Loves post. I have a read a few of Lucy Diamond’s books now, and I am sure this one won’t disappoint.… Continue reading

The transition to secondary school can be a scary and daunting prospect. With our eldest having gone through it over 3 years ago, it will be the turn of our youngest child in September 2017.

Secondary school transition

First day in year 6

Thankfully the transition to secondary school has already started for her. The school which she is hoping to attend is her brother’s school, and they start the transition from October. This will give her a full 11 months of being involved with the school, before she officially starts next September (we are 99% certain she will get in under the sibling rule, and that we also live 3 minutes walk away from the school).… Continue reading

It’s been a long time since I joined in with Five under £5, the monthly link up that the lovely Julia runs over at Rainbeaubelle. The idea is that you showcase 5 things you have bought, each item costing under £5. So here are my 5 things I have bought over the past few weeks.

5 things under £5

Coat and bag

These are my 2 charity shop bargains from the past few weeks. I spotted the bag in a shop window last week, and when I saw the price of £1.99 I couldn’t resist (you can never have too many bags can you).… Continue reading

Another 2 weeks has passed by since I joined in with Little Loves. The kids have been back to school this week, so it has been a fairly mundane week of school runs and work. It was however Halloween on Monday, and Katie dressed up as Harley Quinn again to go Trick or Treating. I must admit she makes a pretty awesome Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn Halloween


Despite having a book on my bedside table, I still haven’t started it yet. This week I PROMISE.


Whilst we were away in Scotland the husband turned 45. And what better way to celebrate than rolling down a hill, in a large plastic ball filled with freezing cold water.… Continue reading