With a teenager in the house, I know fully well that being together as a family is on borrowed time. When you are nearly 14, family time comes way down the list behind gaming, social media and playing football with your mates. But one thing that is guaranteed to have the teen saying yes to family time, is food. So when we were invited to a local Toby Carvery to spend some quality family time together, I knew there would be no excuses from the teen.

Toby Carvery Speke

I booked the meal for the last day of term, and we visited the Toby Carvery in Speke.… Continue reading

I missed joining in with Little Loves last week, and what a fortnight it has been. The teen has already enjoyed a full week off school, the whole country has basked in the heatwave and we can finally say hello summer holidays.


I picked this book up the other week in a Charity Shop for the bargain price of 99p. I have not started it yet, but I have read a few of Lucy Diamond’s books and they are always a great read.

Lucy Diamond

Another thing I have read this week is my daughter’s school report. She absolutely loves school and it was a pleasure to read, especially the comment ‘Your manners and behaviour are a terrific example to everyone in the class’.… Continue reading

What a glorious week it has been weather wise, and we have had lots of family time sat in the garden. We have had picnics on the decking, water fights and enjoying playing card games. I was recently sent our very own personalised Happy Families card game from Go for it Games. I remember playing Happy Families with my own parents when I was little, and now I was getting the chance to play it with my own children.

And not just any version of Happy Families, but a very special ‘Happy Williams Families’. The traditional game has been revamped and there are lots of surnames to choose from on their website.… Continue reading

Below is a post I wrote this time last year as we were about to embrace the 2015 summer holidays.  Fast forward a year and here we are again, on the brink of another 7 weeks of the kids being off. The teen actually broke up at 12.20pm last Friday, and daughter has another 3 full days in school. Thankfully she loves school so won’t be begrudging her brother an extra 3 days of lie ins.


We had an awesome summer last year and managed to go away 3 times. Fast forward to this year and we only have 1 night away in the diary.… Continue reading

I love getting rid of unwanted items around the home, and I tend to have a big clear out every 6 months. I hate clutter and you will always find a half full charity bag under our stairs. But I also LOVE selling online, and twice a year I have a huge EBay selling session. Clothes, brand new beauty products and good condition small toys get listed, as I know I can easily package them up and send them through the postal system.

But what about larger items that I may want to sell ? I have always dismissed selling bigger things as I think that a) it would be too much hassle to send them and b) far too expensive.… Continue reading

Well the past week seems to have flown by. Katie had a fantastic time at cub camp, husband and I managed a ‘date day’ in New Brighton, and husband and son took part in a local downhill run. I was so proud of them as husband came 8th, and son finished 56th in his very first race. Huge well done boys.


I have got back into reading this week, and I am half way through The House Husband by Owen Whittaker. It follows the story of Andy and his mishaps of being at home with his 2 children. It has lots of laugh out loud moments, plenty of swearing, and above all is a fantastic light hearted read.… Continue reading

I can’t believe that another school year is coming to an end, and we welcome/dread the long summer holidays. Over the past few days my brain has been in overdrive trying to organise the 7 week break. Being a working mum, I have to organise childcare for the 2 days that work, and thankfully my wonderful mum steps in. There are also days out to plan, meetings with friends to schedule and appointments to make. Thankfully TOAD Diaries have come to my rescue.

TOAD Diary

TOAD offer personalised diaries, planners and journals using their easy to use website, and I was given £20 to spend on a product of my choice.… Continue reading

I usually write my Little Loves post sat in my blogging office, aka the dining room table. But this evening I am sat at David Lloyd whilst the husband watches the football. Being a Welshman he is trying very hard not to shout and occasionally swear, as his beloved country tries to reach the semi finals. In what has been a pretty ‘meh’ week all round with us leaving the EU, resignations galore and a broken washing machine, here are my little loves in amongst the chaos.

David Lloyd


I seem to be out of my routine of reading actual books, but I do try and keep on top of my blog reading and commenting.… Continue reading


On Friday evening I drove past my son’s high school and was overcome with emotion, blinking away the tears as I drove my daughter back from her dance class. The reason for this sudden and unexpected outburst was prom night, an American tradition that we have adopted over here. Driving home it hit me that I will be the one standing outside the school in just 2 years. The mum who will no doubt be saying ‘just one more picture’ as our son rolls his eyes. And if I get emotional just driving past, what an earth am I going to be like when I see him, all ready for his own prom night.… Continue reading

Last month we went to our very first family festival which was a very exciting experience for my 10 year old.  Where else can you wear a flower headband and fluorescent face paint.

Flowers at Geronimo

A few days after we were sent a Bratz doll from the fantastic Festival Vibes collection. The five Bratz girls Sasha, Cloe, Jade, Yasmin and Raya are counting down the days until the star studded annual Bratz music festival. Each doll has a different style which is inspired by their favourite genre of music. We were sent Raya who loves rad retro swing tunes, and comes dressed in a rather funky outfit.… Continue reading