A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to sample some ‘Peanut Hottie’. Now the name alone has me smiling, and I have visions of being served a scrummy hot drink by a near naked ‘hottie’. When the package arrived, it contained a full jar and a smaller packet (no naked man arrived and my vision was shattered !)

I patiently waited for the kids to arrive back from school, and then the kettle was on. I used 4 teaspoons per cup. You can use more if you prefer a stronger taste but 4 was fine for us. It looked and tasted yummy, and was a big hit with us all.… Continue reading

School calander

As you know I love holidays, and as soon as the kids go back to school after half term, my thoughts quickly turn to the next holidays. Our school breaks up again for Easter on the 4th April, as our borough now has a ‘spring break’ . This will always be the first full 2 weeks in April regardless when Easter falls. Anyway over the past week, I have been looking at places to go which are nice, and are also cheap. We are heading to Corfu in the Summer holidays so I knew there was not much money in the holiday budget.… Continue reading


A few weeks ago a few things rattled me, and I felt compelled to let the whole world my trusty twitter followers know my rants. First off Nando’s. Now you may remember I blogged about Nando’s and how I don’t really get the whole love fest that people have with the restaurant. Now whilst I was there I slipped and fell. Yep pretty embarrassing eh ! And  I couldn’t even blame it on a shed load of wine. But I could blame it on the water that was on the floor, after the staff had been plunging the sink. Anyway that night I just wanted to get home and nurse my sore knee in peace.… Continue reading

Canvas Design

I had been looking at getting a nice canvas for over our bed for some time. I wanted a good quality canvas ideally of a forest scene, as we love to holiday and go for walks in the forest. Unfortunately, I just could not find a suitable canvas that I liked. Then I was given the opportunity to review a canvas from Canvas Design.

I had a look through all my photographs. I realised I had so many nice ones, as in January my husband and I stayed in Griffon Forest for 3 days. I decided to make a montage of my 4 favourite photographs, and I emailed the picture over to Canvas Design.… Continue reading


Last weekend as a half term treat we booked a night at Splash Landings hotel.  Splash Landings is one of the two hotels that are based at the Alton Towers resort in Staffordshire, and we have stayed at the hotel a few times before. When I booked on the telephone, the lady advised me that during the February half term there will be Moshi Monster entertainment. My kids had not really bothered with Moshi Monsters in around a year, but they were excited when I told them about our trip.

When checking into the hotel the kids were given a Moshi Monster magazine which they loved.… Continue reading

As you all know I love saving money, and with half term next week I always look out for any offers that are around. As both my children love going out for meals, I always try and get a voucher when we eat out. So here are my best ‘kids eat free’ offers that will be around for next week.

la tasca 1

Just editing my post today (17th Feb) as had an email from La Tasca to say they are also running a ‘kids eat free’ promotion from 15th to the 23rd February 2014.  1 child will eat free (under 8 only) with every full paying adult who has a minimum spend of £10.00.… Continue reading