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On Saturday evening I had a much needed night out with the husband, as we headed to our local forest for a night of live music. Forest Live concerts are organised by The Forestry Commission in 7 locations around the UK. We are lucky to live only 15 minutes away from our nearest location, Delamere Forest. After years of ‘wishing we were there’ when the pictures emerged on friends social media, I knew I had to book tickets when the line up was announced.

The acts for this year were

Friday – Paloma Faith

Saturday – Tom Odell

Sunday – James

Enjoying the sunshine at Forest Live

Enjoying the sunshine at Forest Live

We opted for Tom Odell as we both like him.… Continue reading

At the start of the year I decided I would do a post which looked back at 10 awesome things we had done for that month. After losing my nan in June. it just feels wrong to write about the awesome things we have done this month. Don’t get me wrong we have had some lovely family time during June. I have enjoyed time with friends, and Katie has been away on cub camp. But June will be remembered as the month I lost my dear nan, so forgive me for not writing up my usual blog post.

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New Fun Factory at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

New Fun Factory at The Twirl of Hay in Chester

On Sunday I was invited to a local Brewers Fayre restaurant to celebrate the opening of their new Fun Factory. We have dined at Brewers Fayre many times, but had never visited the Twirl of Hay restaurant which is in Chester. As with most Brewers Fayre the restaurant was located next to a Premier Inn. We were welcomed into the restaurant by none other than Dennis the Menace. After the obligatory photos with him, we were shown through to the Fun Factory which is at the back of the restaurant.

The play area has undergone a refurbishment with the new Beano theming throughout. … Continue reading

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I have written this post in my head about 10 times, but when it comes to putting the words down it’s so much harder. My nan passed away in the early hours of Monday. She was the incredible age of 90, and in the past few years she had been diagnosed with cancer. Up until her late eighties she had never really suffered with ill health, and she put this down to teaching yoga. She taught yoga years before it became the trendy exercise for the yummy mummies to do. Infact the last time we took the kids to visit ‘older nanny’ earlier this year, she was sat up in bed showing the kids her yoga moves.… Continue reading

Dress up dad

My daughter is a typical girl who loves to dress up. What she loves more than dressing up is seeing her parents wearing ‘funny clothes’. She fell about laughing when the husband and I went to a recent fancy dress party. So when I heard about a ‘Dress Dad Competition’ I knew it would be right up her street. I told her she could have free rein to use any clothes in the house. I was surprised when she headed off to find the Halloween fancy dress box. I was told to leave the room whilst she ‘made up’ daddy. I had visions of all the other dads in the competition dressed up in smart suits, and here is our entry

Our entry for the Dress Dad competition

Our entry for the Dress Dad competition

Yes she had dressed daddy as a ‘mad scientist’ which is quite ironic as he is actually a scientist (and no doubt mad at times when he has deadlines to meet).… Continue reading

It’s not often we get the chance to spend a large amount of time with just 1 child, but last weekend it was just us and the tween. Katie was off to cub camp for 2 nights, which meant we only had to parent 1 child for the whole weekend. A weekend of not stepping in to break up arguments/play fighting. Ah bliss. Of course we would miss the little lady, but I was really looking forward to spending time with just the tween. As is the natural progression to becoming a teenager, I would know that one day he would roll his eyes at spending time with ‘the parents’.… Continue reading

Most people who go to the cinema indulge in some popcorn, a fizzy drink or some pic n mix. But last week my husband and I enjoyed a film, and an amazing 11 course food and drink extravaganza. We were invited to The Trafford Centre’s ‘Dare to Dine’ event.  In the run up to the event we literally had no idea what was in store for us, other than we were to meet in the Ambar at 6.30pm. The Ambar is next to the Odeon Cinema, so we had an idea a film and some sort of meal would be involved.… Continue reading

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This weekend has been an extended one as hubby and I had a night away on Thursday night. The minute I finished work we were on the M56 heading to the Trafford Centre. I had booked my favourite Premier inn at the bargain cost of £39.00, and we were quickly checked in and the bags were in the room. We had planned to go to the local David Lloyd for a swim, but I received an email inviting us to a fantastic event at the Trafford Centre. Well it would have been rude to turn it down as we were already there.… Continue reading

untitled (15)Katie is at an age where she is starting to notice fashion. Gone are the days where I ponder her wardrobe for a carefully matched outfit (usually involving pink and glitter). She is moving away from the character clothing she has worn for most of her life, and developing her own style. So when I was invited to the Head Office for Matalan, I knew this was an event Katie would LOVE.

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The event gave us the opportunity to meet some of the buyers who are responsible for clothing, accessories and footwear for children. We met in reception at 11.30am, and were shown to a large room.… Continue reading

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I love the weekends as its a chance to relax at home with the husband and kids. I am really lucky as hubby loves to cook, and he takes over the kitchen on a Saturday and Sunday. Quite often we will have a ‘night in’. He will cook a lovely meal complete with wine, candles and music playing. Whilst the kids argue play quietly upstairs.

So when I was asked to review a Jack Daniels sauce plus a bottle of Eisberg alcohol free wine, I thought these would be the perfect ingredients for our next ‘night in’. Now Jack Daniels has been my favourite drink for about 20 years, but funnily enough, up until last week, I had never eaten it.… Continue reading